[Pistol] kriss usa vector sdp g2 22 lr 6.5 $499.99

[Pistol] kriss usa vector sdp g2 22 lr 6.5 $499.99


[Pistol] kriss usa vector sdp g2 22 lr 6.5 $499.99

22 reviews for [Pistol] kriss usa vector sdp g2 22 lr 6.5 $499.99

  1. benihana

    hell yeah! the unique bolt design will help make the punchy and uncomfortable recoil of .22lr much more pleasant and manageable to shoot while the world renown reliability of the vector will pair extremely well with .22lr, a round known for going off when you need it to.

  2. tubadude2

    I got one of these a few weeks ago and love it. It’s a great SBR, as well. I’ve wanted a Kriss for a while, but don’t see much point in them existing as a semi auto only gun. This way, I get my Kriss shaped object for relatively cheap.

  3. WeArePandey

    Doubles as a nail gun?

  4. ya-ya-ya12223

    THEY HAD A SINGLE 9mm 5.5” FDE IN STOCK AND I FINALLY GOT ONE UNDER 1400$ THANKS OP (and screw gunbroker)

  5. santiagoelcampeon

    Kriss saw all the hype for the Mp5 22lr this holiday season and said, fuck it.


    Woah woah this is fucking sick how expensive are mags

  7. HonorlessTakito

    10 round mags work well

    30 round mags only work up to maybe 20 if you take them to dinner first

  8. Automatic_Apricot131

    208 always has incredible deals.

  9. czynips

    I have a 10mm and my retarded kids like to mag dump so I bought one of these a few months ago. Everything about it feels legit and they’ve run the dog piss out of it. Picked up 30 rounders from magwarehouse during a sale for $25.

  10. evnrayash

    Hope it runs better than their other guns

  11. CharlieThermopilus

    In Stock: 1

  12. Yolo_420_69

    If youre like me and have a collection of guns for looks. These 22lr variants are awesome for adding to collections

  13. bear141

    Can you please stop deleting the listing after the firearm is sold out? I keep coming to your posts late but I would still like to see the gun.

  14. ThatNahr

    I just wish Kriss would make a 22 lower that’s compatible with their normal upper, instead of having to buy a whole other gun

  15. Fieryfight

    I will never understand why companies can make these 22lr versions of a pistol caliber gun but upcharge 1-2k for a 9mm version.

  16. MrRGG

    I thought the design of the Kriss was for recoil reduction. What is the purpose of a Kriss for 22lr?

  17. Holiday-Tie-574

    Kriss is junk

  18. thismyotheraccount2

    We’ve found it – the dumbest gun ever.

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  20. sturdybutter

    Had no idea they made these chambered in .22

  21. Zalanox

    So bummed that I missed this!!

  22. Herp_Derp_Derp


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