[Pistol] Jericho 941RS Steel 3.8″ w/ Decocker Slide Safety $517.99 add to cart for price

[Pistol] Jericho 941RS Steel 3.8″ w/ Decocker Slide Safety $517.99 add to cart for price


[Pistol] Jericho 941RS Steel 3.8″ w/ Decocker Slide Safety $517.99 add to cart for price

15 reviews for [Pistol] Jericho 941RS Steel 3.8″ w/ Decocker Slide Safety $517.99 add to cart for price

  1. Way_2_Go_Donny

    This is as close as its probably gonna get for less than 2k, Space Cowboy…

  2. Thisisamagicpig

    You’re gonna carry that weight…and that rail.

  3. Synapse7777

    FYI this is the semi compact. The full size has a 4.4″ barrel.

  4. Cohortcrime35

    Slide mounted safety, check



  5. BangBangPing5Dolla

    Stupid colorado. I wanna carry that weight…

  6. Things_got_western

    How are you getting it to $518? In my cart it shows $544…

  7. goslinlookalike

    They brought back the slide safety but added a rail? That’s kinda weird

  8. mmiski

    Posted this deal there weeks ago and got downvoted for some strange reason. 🤷🏻

    For anyone that’s seriously interested, I got mine from this place without any issues. Shipped out via USPS and took about 5 days to show up at my FFL.

    Mine didn’t come with a padlock or printed manual. Not too upset about losing the stupid lock, but kind of annoyed that they now put a paper insert with QR code instead of a manual. I guess most people won’t care about that either, but I mean c’mon with the penny pinching IWI!

    The barrel on mine also appears to be nitrided rather than bare stainless steel. Could be a recent production change where all newer Jerichos no longer come with the signature contrasting barrel. Might be another thing that will piss LARPers off.



  10. CanIGetASourceOnThat

    In for 1. Finally time to carry that weight, even with the rail still better than clowns on Gunbroker asking $2k for a 30 year old gun

  11. Zephyr4813

    UwU Jericho 941 in 9mm!!

  12. redditthrowaway1770

    For what it’s worth I wanted a Jericho 941 so bad for the bebop memes. It ended up getting this model with frame mounted safety and honestly for practical purposes im glad I didn’t get the slide mounted safety. It might not be a problem for some but I think racking the slide would be a pain in the ass given how such a small part of the slide is available for you to hold on to. But great gun. Recoil very manageable given it’s steel construction. Probably not the best choice for carry gun given the weight.

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  14. Ryanrealestate

    Can you get a frame without a rail and swap it out?

  15. TtheDuke

    God damn I wish I didn’t live in Cali so I could get one of these. See ya later space cowboys

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