[Pistol] IWI Zion 12.5″ Mid-Length Gas 5.56 AR Pistol Z15TAC12 – $699.99

[Pistol] IWI Zion 12.5″ Mid-Length Gas 5.56 AR Pistol Z15TAC12 – $699.99


[Pistol] IWI Zion 12.5″ Mid-Length Gas 5.56 AR Pistol Z15TAC12 – $699.99

20 reviews for [Pistol] IWI Zion 12.5″ Mid-Length Gas 5.56 AR Pistol Z15TAC12 – $699.99

  1. Sarcasticallysmooth

    I need to unsub from this subreddit

  2. Boggs88

    You post shit like this because you know we dont have any self control 😥

  3. MechaTrogdor

    How short can you go before you really want a 1:7 twist? 12.5” cool with 1:8?

  4. ssmitty548

    Pulled the trigger on this. It will be my first AR!!

  5. masonjarcoffee

    Dang, looking for the rifle version. Good deal though.

  6. Acryllixx

    Paid $780 for mine. 0 regrets. Amazing rifle quality for such a great price! If you’re considering it, do it. Full send.

  7. cdubu111

    Is the site gtg?

  8. Commander-Flatus

    I have a fetish for foreign guns. Are these or any IWI products stamped “Made in Israel” or similar? Thank you

  9. PandaCatGunner

    Beats a frikin psa anyday

  10. JohnnyBoy11

    Are these the CHF barrels IWI is now producing?

  11. kainekennedy509

    That’s a fucking smoking deal

  12. bobsburner1

    Dang. Just paid $50 more for a bcm upper. I know its not the same level but this is a good deal.

  13. KalashniKEV

    I wonder how bad they hawg’d that barrel to make a 12.5″ mid-length?

  14. mrwallstreetbets96

    This is a pretty awesome gun for this price point.

  15. 0nlineBot

    i must refrain!

  16. onemany

    Not to be funny but…

    What’s wrong with this gun? What should I be aware of if I buy it?

    Shitty trigger? Shitty barrel? Anything to worry about?

  17. puregentleman1911

    Need this to hit $600

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  19. kissmygame17

    Of course still not on MDs handgun list

  20. AlexDeSnake

    Looking at this as a first time gun purchase. How does shipping this to CO work with the 30rd mag due to CO gun law?

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