[Pistol] IWI Zion 12.5″ Mid-Length Gas 5.56 AR Pistol Z15TAC12 – $699.99 Free Shipping

[Pistol] IWI Zion 12.5″ Mid-Length Gas 5.56 AR Pistol Z15TAC12 – $699.99 Free Shipping


[Pistol] IWI Zion 12.5″ Mid-Length Gas 5.56 AR Pistol Z15TAC12 – $699.99 Free Shipping

28 reviews for [Pistol] IWI Zion 12.5″ Mid-Length Gas 5.56 AR Pistol Z15TAC12 – $699.99 Free Shipping

  1. Crapricornia

    12.5 Mid Length 😙👌

  2. tinglingdangler

    Just bought the 16″ at my LGS for $799. Such a fucking good gun I ain’t even mad.

  3. RonnieReagy

    BIN price

  4. halorocks22

    Are these good with a suppressor or are they like me after $15 of taco bell and 9-10 alcoholic beverages?

  5. renegadeGDI

    Had no idea they offered a 12.5 mid. Thought my only option was triarc, kak and BRT (sort of)

  6. steelcityblue

    Is there a downside to this manufacturer? Seems like a smoking deal.

  7. TokyoBJJ

    I have one of these I bought over a year ago. Awesome unit to be honest. Get at er

  8. Menhadien

    I wish that IWI would sell just the uppers

  9. Kurtis133

    Is this a must have or buy cause it’s a good deal?

  10. midnightmk4

    Damn I spent like 8-900 building my 12.3 Hanson when I could’ve just got this

    Edit: just checked it’s like 9 pounds gawt damn big chungus

  11. MishaTheMoo

    With a can it’s basically the same length as the full size? I like the shorter barrel but if it needs a can to be bearable to shoot, then I dunno.

  12. stizzity28


  13. Singledoubt88

    Damn this is a nice deal

  14. NatureBoyRickFlair33

    If I needed an AR right now, I wouldn’t hesitate with this one.

    Price seems very reasonable.

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  16. Excellent-Event-387

    Good deal.


    If I didn’t already on the 16 inch version I would jump on this in a heartbeat!

  18. is-a-dinosaur

    Got in on this a few days ago, should be at the LGS tomorrow. Super psyched.

  19. DTS_33

    Went ahead and grabbed it at that price. Had to.

  20. Automatic_Apricot131

    Get on here and the first thing I see is a deal I can’t pass up. Jeez.

  21. liltoe89

    Free shipping and no tax to VT. In for one thanks OP. What can are you guys running on this? I have a Turbo T2 and omega 36m but I think I want a designated 556 can designated to this pistol. Any suggestions?

  22. techchallenge

    Would you get in trouble for shouldering this at a local range?

  23. techchallenge

    Do you need a stamp for this?

  24. Lock_Bresnar

    Wanna trade like 10 super rare ps2 games for it

  25. yodamiles

    Free shipping but $70 tax for me.

  26. MicatronUltra

    Just got done shooting fireballs with my 7.5 inch AR pistol. This 12.5 sounds amazing after shooting my 7.5 inch.

  27. medicieric

    Stellar deal. 208gunshop had these down to $599 about a month or so ago.

  28. chocolatemonroe

    Hmmmmm this or a 16” MPR for my first AR? It would mostly be for the range/possibly HD

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