[Pistol] IWI UZI PRO 9MM W/STABILIZING $899.99 No Tax Free Ship

[Pistol] IWI UZI PRO 9MM W/STABILIZING $899.99 No Tax Free Ship


[Pistol] IWI UZI PRO 9MM W/STABILIZING $899.99 No Tax Free Ship

15 reviews for [Pistol] IWI UZI PRO 9MM W/STABILIZING $899.99 No Tax Free Ship

  1. lifeenthusiastic

    I was just working on posting that, great deal on an odd gun that I don’t want!

  2. hellzraven7

    Got one awhile back and it just sits on my display shelf near the liquor. Shot it a few times and just doesn’t feel practical.

  3. ABlackEngineer

    A welcome substitute for a phased plasma rifle in a 40watt range

  4. gunnutzz467

    Threaded barrel?

  5. gunnutzz467

    In for one

  6. Rjsmith5

    I say this every time I see one, but someone PLEASE make a plastic delete kit similar to the Galil Ace for these. This with a classic Uzi pistol style frame and a tail hook brace would be boner inducing.

  7. mcmaxxious

    Whenever I see a pistol brace I think about it’s original intention… an old man defending his home in a wheelchair.

    I love the idea of him holding an Uzi…

  8. meiswhitey

    That thing looks horrendous, but I want it for some reason. Can somebody fill me in on this gun? Is it worth buying?

  9. Mc_squawk_box

    Don’t these really suck?

  10. Fuckyourfeeling5

    I paid 1,400 for mine. The cool factor makes it fun to shoot.

    Not practical for anything when there are better PDW’s in the form of Scoripion, GHM, MP5, Micro AK.

    I still love it, would never sell.

  11. bradsredditacct


  12. MotorheadBomber

    Ambi controls?

  13. kefefs

    If only they came out with a full size or Mini Pro. The Micro is so goddamn ugly.

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  15. Extremley_Based

    Calling this an UZI is like false advertising , this us a snoozi

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