[Pistol] IWI US UZI PRO W/BRACE 4.5″ barrel 9mm $1199

[Pistol] IWI US UZI PRO W/BRACE 4.5″ barrel 9mm $1199


[Pistol] IWI US UZI PRO W/BRACE 4.5″ barrel 9mm $1199

14 reviews for [Pistol] IWI US UZI PRO W/BRACE 4.5″ barrel 9mm $1199

  1. MagicBeardMan86

    What have they done to my boy?

  2. BloodCrazeHunter

    Recall reading a review where these things were getting groups three times larger than guns half their price. I typically like IWI products, but these are a hard pass from me.

  3. Figdudeton

    I love Uzis, my full size one might not be the best PCC but it is still one of my favorites.

    That is, 100%, a byproduct of being a kid from the 80s. If you take the nostalgia out of the equation, the gun isn’t that remarkable. The stocks are neat and all, but the Scorpion and Stribog are better guns.

    This particular Uzi holds no nostalgia power that I know of. The folding and wood stocks aren’t compatible, side cocking, lots of plastic, etc.

    I just can’t see the appeal of this particular model.

  4. hellzraven7

    These are only for show pieces people. I have one just sitting in my gun room for new guests to look at…right next to my bourbon globe.

  5. lpm444

    Has a 12 lbs trigger out of the box. Big no for me.



  7. edgarapplepoe


  8. PGT_FTW

    I found mine used for $650 and put a tailhook on it. I sold it and never looked back, opting for a pre-ban Action Arms/IMI Uzi Model B instead. (not much more than this deal).

  9. MilsurpSmurp

    This thing is such a disappointment. First of all, people want the full sized uzi not the micro. Second, we want the original looks/magazine. Dumb

  10. greankrayon

    I really wanted this thing to be amazing. Maybe since it’s discontinued they’ll make a sub gun worth while.

  11. Vegetable-Trifle-916

    Uzi, nine millimeeter… Wrong…

  12. alteriorbutthole

    Need mags for this please!

  13. Sweet_Meat_McClure

    IWI to George Kellgren: Hold my crack pipe

  14. maxout2142

    Having a non threaded barrel really ruins my interest in this. It’s ugly, but with a wire brace, a forward AFG and a can this could be fun.

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