[PISTOL] IWI US Jericho 941 9mm 4.4″ Barrel 16rd Steel Frame – $495

[PISTOL] IWI US Jericho 941 9mm 4.4″ Barrel 16rd Steel Frame – $495


[PISTOL] IWI US Jericho 941 9mm 4.4″ Barrel 16rd Steel Frame – $495

20 reviews for [PISTOL] IWI US Jericho 941 9mm 4.4″ Barrel 16rd Steel Frame – $495

  1. Dab-Daddy_

    “That’s a Jericho 941 pointed at my head. You can get one on the black market for $300. It is a *very* reliable weapon.”

  2. whiskey_outpost26

    It boggles my mind that people actually *prefer* a slide safety over a frame safety. My single biggest complaint about my 92FS is the safety position. Am I missing something, apart from the space cowboy thing?

  3. InterestingCraft3

    Counter Argument to all you “this ain’t it space cowboys”

    I’m obsessed with these things, I have 3 now, one being the R version.

    I like the frame mounted safety ones better honestly, had some reliability issues with the R version and for some reason my 2 F’s shoot better.

    Besides the fact the R was damn near impossible to find and more expensive for what really amounts to a meme. If you want one, just get it, I promise you’ll be happy with it.

  4. WeakerThanYou

  5. getoffmylastname

    It’s a toss up between this and the CZ 75. Save $215 with scarcity or the other. They both look great.

  6. Wyvern_68

    Nice trick only showing the one side and not saying which model it was (R vs F). Had to read the fine print to see it has a frame mounted safety.

    Reminds me of when AR-15 manufacturers would sell their slick side w/ no dust cover sporter rifles but only show you the opposite side.

  7. joe_sun

    28Oz unloaded.. 2lbs of steel and lead loaded.. chonky! Still lighter than my first gun a S&W 4006

  8. redclaw05

    Almost the weight to carry. Space cowboys.


    Is 500 hundred a good price for this?

  10. MaybeYesNoPerhaps

    I have one of these. Love the feel of it. It’s just…solid. Reassuring.

    Heavy is good. Heavy is reliable.

  11. Takeitasis

    Cries in Ca

  12. mrwallstreetbets96

    This ain’t it Space Cowboys.

  13. thebaldfox

    Damn, not an R model

  14. brucekaiju

    these go for $1500+ in california

  15. nutthecollector

    But where 941-R?!

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  17. JoeHow22

    I’m so glad I got mine earlier last year from classic surplus for 299.

  18. Synapse7777

    I got this from a similar deal a few weeks ago and love it.

    [I didn’t go the space cowboy route and instead put a tlr7-a and hogue rubber grips on it](https://imgur.com/RKrEyPh)

    One word of warning the hammer is stiff as hell out of the box and requires some breaking in. Slide is very difficult to rack on an un-cocked hammer.

  19. DrKDB

    Nice price. I’ve got a non-railed IMI 941 in SAO and one of these railed bois with DA/SA. Both fantastic shooters.

  20. DerGillMaschine

    This must be the only online retailer who won’t ship to Alaska.

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