[Pistol] Iver Johnson Eagle 10mm Auto 6″ Barrel 8-Round Gold $1760

[Pistol] Iver Johnson Eagle 10mm Auto 6″ Barrel 8-Round Gold $1760


[Pistol] Iver Johnson Eagle 10mm Auto 6″ Barrel 8-Round Gold $1760

22 reviews for [Pistol] Iver Johnson Eagle 10mm Auto 6″ Barrel 8-Round Gold $1760

  1. Tuco86x

    #Big Gold Johnson

  2. Cocky_McBalls

    My Johnson is interested and disgusted at the same time

  3. logiclust

    Does it come in rose gold?

  4. NotoriousDVA

    I will say most of the gold 1911s I’ve seen pop up don’t have modern features like the beavertail, commander hammer, or upgraded sights. Soo at least they got that right?

  5. CompetitiveAd5063

    Getting strong, “Face/Off” vibes

  6. kefefs

    Only one in stock. Who’s gonna be the chad that buys this?

  7. overslope

    If I had that kinda disposable cash, I’d just have to do it. But I feel like you’d need a matching pair to really pull it off right.

  8. GloryholeKaleidscope

    Just add mother of pearl Sante Muerte gips, a Toyota HiLux and oz of fentanyl. Cartel Helper.

  9. Indistinctness

    hahahahaha holy shit I am going to make a regrettable decision. Want to buy an AUG but man I’ve wanted a 10mm so fucking bad and I’m thinking about getting this and giving it the cartel grip treatment lmao tell me not too

  10. sixtysecdragon

    I want this for absolutely no good reason other than it exists. I can only imagine how ridiculous I would look shooting it and yet it makes me happy.

  11. platapus112

    Man this thing is missing a huge opportunity to be in 38 super

  12. smoke2pacsaday

    im sorry but why tf is that big ugly rollmark in Papyrus font

  13. Jim_Keith

    Is that a TiNi finish?

  14. InterestingCraft3

    On this note, anyone have recommendations for a company to gold coat a gun? Want one of my Jericho’s made gold for Christmas time. Prob won’t be done in time but all recommendations open!

  15. kingofpringlez

    Okay, Here’s The Story. I Come From The Gutter. I Know That. I Got No Education, But That’s Okay. I Know The Street, And I’m Making All The Right Connections. With The Right Woman, There’s No Stopping Me. I Could Go Right To The Top.

  16. Mc_squawk_box

    Good appendix holster and wifebeater for this?

  17. Thepoogenie

    I really want something dumb and flashy like this, but more Israeli. Definitely in 50AE. Tiger stripes would be cool too!

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  19. bloodvow333

    What in the Miami vice is this?

  20. grahamcrackerninja

    Any codes work on this one?

  21. versace_tombstone

    Son of a pimp.

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