[PISTOL] IN STOCK – SilencerCo Maxim 9 – $1,529.99 + FREE Shipping

[PISTOL] IN STOCK – SilencerCo Maxim 9 – $1,529.99 + FREE Shipping


[PISTOL] IN STOCK – SilencerCo Maxim 9 – $1,529.99 + FREE Shipping

22 reviews for [PISTOL] IN STOCK – SilencerCo Maxim 9 – $1,529.99 + FREE Shipping

  1. hornmonk3yzit

    These shoot well but have bad triggers, and I mean both in feel and in design. Had one that would fire on reset and just randomly a couple times when I got a dead trigger. Be diligent with cleaning and inspection I guess.

  2. Yanrogue

    Psycho pass approved

  3. Sgt_Sodomy

    should be [NFA] not [PISTOL], shouldn’t it?

  4. backdoor_nobaby

    When I bought the Uzi, I was Chuck Norris.

    Then I bought an HK SP5K and I was Steven Seagal.

    Guess who’s about to be ROBOCOP!
    …Dead or alive, you’re coming with me 🦾

  5. BenderVsGossamer

    How to tell I make enough money in life. My meme guns cost $1529.99 instead of the current $152.99

  6. hack-a-shaq

    S M E G M A

  7. Bigred2989-

    TFBTV had a video about the Maxim 9 recently and there’s a non NFA version of the gun in the works, so you can put your own can on via direct thread and have a fixed optic mount. Release date and MSRP unknown.

  8. jj74125

    wow, these have really increased in price. Glad I got mine back at $799 When SiCo also had an Octane 45 offered as free suppressor based on purchase price. Sure, it was a 12 month wait for the suppressor but I sold suppressor for $400 so all worth it.

  9. DickMonkie

    You can still custom order a Kenai Chest Holster for these if you call them.

    It’s the only practical way to carry these beasts around.

  10. badmotivator11


  11. odenip33

    I never realized or appreciated how big this thing actually is. I finally saw one at my lgs yesterday and thought it was a joke at first. It’s friggin yuge.

  12. Chase43099

    ive had one on backorder for 5 months from silencershop ):

  13. jaymassinello

    What the hell is this thing

  14. jgacks

    How is this a “deal” – silencershop.com has em at 1200. Yea it’s on back order but that’s a matter of weeks? A mark up of 350 isn’t insignificant…

  15. Oatmeal_Lord


  16. aTip4You

  17. orphicshadows

    I’m mostly a revolver guy but this is pretty badass…

    IDK if they are even allowed where I’m at lol

  18. moeseph_the_broseph

    Since this is integrally suppressed, do I need to get a tax stamp for it?

  19. epia343

    Very interested in the non suppressed version they are working on.

  20. Apolopolo99

    I don’t see the web page saying anything about this being an NFA item, it is though right?

  21. necroxd

    I have this gun. It’s fun to shoot but the trigger is bad. Like super bad super grainy and you have to have perfect form to shoot it. Every time I let someone new shoot it they can’t and I tell them to adjust their finger and then it works. It’s like a weird speed trigger design. Be sure to keep it clean because the blowback is terrible if you don’t. It looks badass though.

    Been wanting to carry this concealed for shits and giggles but Texas has some really weird laws for suppressors. Essentially suppressors are illegal unless their not. But they just passed a new law that makes them legal and exempt from NFA just need governor’s signature.

  22. Barack_Lesnar

    How quiet is this thing?

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