[Pistol] HK SP5L 30rd $2599.99

[Pistol] HK SP5L 30rd $2599.99


[Pistol] HK SP5L 30rd $2599.99

23 reviews for [Pistol] HK SP5L 30rd $2599.99

  1. KingJak117

    If they’re gonna give it a long barrel they should put a stock on it.

  2. KingKulak

    That long ass barrel looks stupid as shit

  3. Adam_LSX

    I’m gunna buy the to shove straight up Andreas Heeschen ass for selling us bullshit.

  4. Apolopolo99

    I know they can’t put a stock on this because of export and import laws, but they intend for you to put a stock on it so the least they could do is discount it the price of a stock

  5. Adam_LSX

    Wtf does H&K even think when the make this garbage.

  6. Tuco86x

    From the thumbnail I thought it was the real deal for a second!

    Drew a false start penalty reaching for my wallet.

  7. OutHereTrappin

    I see the price keeps dropping on these. Even so, it’s offset by the couple hundred dollars in barrel work you’ll need to have done to have this resemble a regular SP5.

  8. akathedevil666

    Pinocchio model

  9. rev_otto

    They should make a commercial for this with some of that Cialis blues rock and a middle aged guy wearing 5.11 tac pants and a polo walking on a beach with his old lady.

  10. Chulgo


  11. seungkoo

    I believe even with 16” barrel it’s a pistol

  12. Curious_Joke

    Look at how they massacred my boy

  13. BenderVsGossamer

    Yes you can do a barrel swap, but it requires the proper tooling to get it pressed. So that is extra cash.

    Yes you can chop it, and install a tri-lug. But you also have to make sure the tri-lug is installed true. And deep down you will know it is an uncucked sp5. It’s not the “real” deal so you will feel a little off. But if you are desperate, then who the fuck am I to tell you.

  14. Galst-Vic

    One day I will ruin my finances, but not today.

  15. lvzx14

    Why do they even bother when they can’t even make enough SP5’s

  16. tripledickdudeAMA

    This would actually be kind of cool looking if you could thread some kind of slip-over fake suppressor on at the end that covered the entire barrel. Then you could put an A2 stock on it and make it normal.

  17. themorgmam

    That barrel is long as fuck

  18. 2ndammend

    dealer is a good guy, always like picking up stuff same day. If the animals don’t sell it out I’ll have to message him tomorrow and be lighter in the wallet.

  19. whiskey_outpost26

    I might be certifiable, but I love this. I’d fill out the form, slap on a PRS stock, and volley fire at pop cans from 200+ all day.

  20. Roundr-Inc

    This looks like something my wife would like.

  21. ClutchofGold

    So the reason this exists most likely is someone at HK thought it would be a good idea to import these as a rifle. But that person forgot how stupid laws are in the US and that rifle would have to comply with 922r. But they didn’t realize this until after they tooled up for these and now have to sell them as is.

  22. heloguy1234

    Will an HK33 hand guard work on these?

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