[Pistol] HK Mark 23 – 45ACP Offensive Handgun 10+1 $1989 (cash discount) + tax & shipping

[Pistol] HK Mark 23 – 45ACP Offensive Handgun 10+1 $1989 (cash discount) + tax & shipping


[Pistol] HK Mark 23 – 45ACP Offensive Handgun 10+1 $1989 (cash discount) + tax & shipping

35 reviews for [Pistol] HK Mark 23 – 45ACP Offensive Handgun 10+1 $1989 (cash discount) + tax & shipping

  1. JPD232

    Who needs a rifle when you have an “offensive” handgun?

  2. 10mmIsBestCentimeter

    Ah yes, the HK Crew Served Pistol.

  3. halfam

    I want this pistol so bad….. it’s almost 2k dollars wtf

  4. Clifton1979

    I chose to be fiscally responsible and get a USP. Don’t be like me.

  5. Saburo_Kashim

    Payed $2,299.99 for one over the summer, its a heavy investment. Expect to pay more for accessories… Additional mags are ~$80ish, holsters that fit are hard to find, the only good adaptor for sale is made in small batches by lobos industries for $149.80. Add a light/laser another $200-800, I scored a surfire x300UG for $490 and bought the surefire masterfire holster $162. Also have a rugged obsidian 45 in jail additional $680 +$200 for a stamp… Altogether its about $4,200 for a gun that will outlive me. (*Tips fedora and sips white monster*)

  6. GrandCowboy

    No doubt, but we can laugh and agree all we want – but crazily enough these keep selling out and at extreme prices…I always wonder WTH I’m missing on this stuff, usually I’m wrong and others right. I remember when Google, Amazon, Netflix, pick your company stock was $100/share saying ppl lost their mind, look at em now – maybe they are the ones snapping these up now? lol

  7. JackEstab0n

    I am definitely offended I’ll give them that

  8. meowm35

    .45 suuuuuuper

  9. ECHELON7x

    These are super cool and very fun to shoot, I love shooting my friend’s Mark 23. But IMO, you’re better off buying a USP 45/USP 9 and a separate suppressor from Dead Air/SiCo/Rugged/etc for the exact same cost as a Mark 23.

    Unless you have 3 grand to kill!

  10. Embrace_Decline

    My LGS had one for $2299 + 8.5% tax but it sold. Unfortunately, I played with it first and a kernel of want is growing. This is a much better deal. Buy it so I don’t!

  11. JosyBR

    “Offensive handgun”

    I’m sure you wanna breach with a mark 23 😂

  12. Thomas_peck

    I mean, these are cool but for $2K I’d rather have an FN45 with an RMR and a nice weapon light.

  13. sirfuzzitoes

    2k for an hk in 45 thats still only 10+1? I’d say that’s pretty offensive.

  14. ncgunner

    Plus another $5-6k for the KAC can and LAM

  15. mmiski

    >Offensive Handgun

    *DoES tHiS MEan I’lL gO To JAiL iF I uSe It dEFenSIveLy?!?*

  16. Reddit__is_garbage

    Wow, that price *is* offensive!

  17. juicemang762

    Are these still in production?

  18. MangrovesSway

    I’m poor.

  19. Almost_average80

    I bough mine in 2000 for $1,100, the most expensive gun purchase I had ever made up until that point.
    The gun came with an awesome soft case and 4 mags.
    Back then, it was the best ploy gun money could buy, all of these great guns we have access to today didn’t exist.
    The Mark23 is a snapshot in time. That’s why it sells out every time it’s posted and why it will continue to.

  20. WilllOfD

    These were $1999 MSRP upon release in the 90s, if anything they’re cheaper now cuz inflation.

    I still want one because it’s so bombproof you could use it as a hammer if needed too

  21. lukeM22

    Mods I think there are too many bots that comment on every post is there a way to clean it up

  22. heloguy1234

    Get a CZ97 instead.

  23. itzagreenmario

    This fucking boat of a handgun only holds ten rounds??

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  25. Hoplophilia

    That’s about $180.82/rnd of stopping powahhh.

  26. Grand_Cookie


  27. cjk1000000

    This or Christmas for the kids?

  28. Zastafarian

    The capacity kills me…

  29. Carbs_Are_Satan

    They proof these by firing another round behind a squib to clear it. I’d pay extra for that feature.

  30. DigitalDeath849

    Only a fool would buy a pistol this fucking large

  31. Removed-Californian

    > offensive handgun

    Does it say the N-word each time I pull the trigger?

  32. vigilantty

    And it’s gone 🙁

  33. shelbysguns

    Im offended

  34. brian_reddit_77

    HK Expert is almost the same for $1K less… An oversized, out-dated pistol in a caliber that is obselete when it comes to modern fighting handguns.

    There’s a reason EVERYBODY who actually gunfights for a living or trains real gunfighters carries 9mm now. Modern bullet design has closed the gap in stopping power and the increase in capacity is overwhelming.

    ….OR I’m just a bitter ass bitch stuck in Commiefornia….

  35. c11anderson

    What the fuck is an offensive handgun?

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