[Pistol] HI-POINT JCP .40 S&W PISTOL – $129.95

[Pistol] HI-POINT JCP .40 S&W PISTOL – $129.95


[Pistol] HI-POINT JCP .40 S&W PISTOL – $129.95

29 reviews for [Pistol] HI-POINT JCP .40 S&W PISTOL – $129.95

  1. iLuvstockglocksights

    Glawk fawty looks very pistol whippable

    I’m tempted

  2. mjedmazga

    If there was a problem, yo, I’ll solve it.

  3. Zenick000

    Despite what people say I don’t remember the last time I saw a hipoint for 100. This seems like a pretty decent price if you want a hipoint.

  4. future_flashback

    Can anyone tell me what the fuck is up with the end if this thing’s URL?


  5. TonkaButt

    Perfect gun for my X300 and Trijicon RMR.

    Will my Nighthawk trigger assembly drop into this?

  6. IdyllicArcadia

    Yes yes i know, it’s 1.3 hi points but oh wells

  7. [deleted]


  8. fzammetti

    It’s so ugly! But I will love him, and cuddle him, and call him George!

  9. lv_techs

    I thought high points were built on the glock platform but it says right at the top this one is smith and Wesson.. way cool, I had no idea high points were so versatile

  10. NoDonut9078

    How can you say no?

    I have been to dinners that cost more than this, but I am certain this would be more enjoyable.

  11. [deleted]


  12. dustednuggets

    $154.12 shipped to PA. Ready to start solving problems.

  13. twatingham

    So it costs the same amount as 2 boxes of ammo for it?

  14. victorconcepts

    Why do i want this?

  15. kestrel1000c

    These things are pigs. The slide is a brick on a spring.

  16. Emergency_Issue_2107

    These mf are so hard to destroy demolition ranch proved they are strong guns even if there cheap.

  17. Limp-Quail

    Damn if 9mm I would

  18. Oliverbane

    Honestly curious on what these feel like to shoot.

  19. securitysix

    Dang. I paid more than this for a barrel to convert my SigPro SP2340 to .40S&W.

  20. Mrpandacorn2002


  21. azamat-aerofakt

    URL: *penischopper*

  22. JakeDfw2021

    Hi-point is now accepting food stamps

  23. T_Snake451

    Aw man….. it’s in 40.

  24. ghost_tdk

    That’s about $150 more than I’m willing to pay for that hunk of junk

  25. Reddit__is_garbage

    >.40 S&W

    Do people still intentionally buy guns chambered in this

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  27. [deleted]


  28. wormraper

    good old $129.95 problem solver

  29. CWNF

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