37 reviews for [Pistol] HEIZER 223 POCKET AR BLACK PORTED $410

  1. AYooper

    Wish it was 30-06

  2. DVMMeowmix

    When you absolutely, positively need to give everyone within 20 feet of you tinnitus

  3. Sgt_Tackleberry

    For when you want a smokescreen / fireball & blinding to happen simultaneously

  4. dirtyboots702

    7.62 or gtfo

  5. whawhawhapoo

    An excellent example of asking “can we,” but never asking “should we?” I’d like to duel wield them.

  6. hotshotv3

    I feel like I’d be nervous to shoot this.

    Which is oddly making me want it more…

  7. hussard_de_la_mort

    Make one in 7.62x54r you cowards

  8. [deleted]


  9. mackerelsnapper

    So what’s the twist rate on this?

  10. Clifton1979

    Chip-man would probably call this an assault pistol

  11. Sh_doubleE_ran

    I want rifle caliber single shot pistols but it needs to be like $200 with optional barrels for other calibers. Also like 5 and 6 inch barrel options.

  12. brewserker

  13. robWrecker2

    In for 30.

  14. Porky_Robinson

    Hearing is overrated

  15. DrKDB

    The fuck? I want one.

    Edit: Not playing for keeps unless the cartridge is longer than the barrel.

  16. specter491

    I can already see the AFT losing their minds trying to classify this

  17. aaron12153

    Meme tag please, but seriously this is cool lol I can’t see myself
    Using other than for weird flex

  18. Tuco86x

    This is definitely an odd 1

  19. GucciRifle

    Threaded barrel so I can attach my surefire rc2 on it?


    Because my can is still in jail after 6 fucking months

  20. Tommy6888

    Reminds me of the liberator pistol. I feel like 200 would be a fair price

  21. HarryPairatestes


  22. kevinatx

    If the round doesn’t neutralize the threat, the concussion will.

  23. SenorPierre

    reloadable flash bang.

  24. cokeman2424

    I came here for the comments

  25. impulsebuyer999

    This gun was a lot better in New Vegas

  26. Plastic-Scientist739

    CA special. Only one bullet at a time.

  27. Bobsaid

    Can I put a break in this?

  28. Barack_Lesnar

    How long is the barrel? Specs only give overall length.

  29. shotguneconomics

    Have evulsed my thumb with another company’s version of this, but w 2 shots of 9mm. TUCK YOUR THUMBS.

  30. john_t_fisherman

    An aimpoint overkill for optics?

  31. x2dk

    Who needs terminal ballistics anyways?

    Gib Dat flashbang.

  32. michaelj9323

    The PSA of flamethrowers

  33. AlchemicalToad

    So who’s going to put in for a stamp so they can SBR this thing and throw on some kind of bastardized stock?

    Because *that* guy would be LEGENDARY.

  34. 2MGR

    This would be cool for $50.

  35. gotnoaero

    I wonder how many of those I could wear on my fingers and fire at the same time, without shooting myself.

  36. Wtfisthatt

    Right? Hell I’d even buy one for $100 for the lulz. No way in hell I’d pay over $400 for that.

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