[Pistol] Heckler & Koch MR223A3 14.5” Semi-Auto Pistol – $7995

[Pistol] Heckler & Koch MR223A3 14.5” Semi-Auto Pistol – $7995


[Pistol] Heckler & Koch MR223A3 14.5” Semi-Auto Pistol – $7995

19 reviews for [Pistol] Heckler & Koch MR223A3 14.5” Semi-Auto Pistol – $7995

  1. NotoriousDVA

    This or enough hipoints to equip a third world infantry platoon?

  2. [deleted]


  3. Ishkander88

    I guess this is a collectors item.

  4. BeatYourBunssss

    $8k for dickmod sign me up!

  5. JPD232

    This or an SR15, Galil Ace, Shadow 2 and MCX Virtus?

  6. IsopodEnough6726

    So for only $8000 you can shit on a KAC.

  7. WhiteRedPenguin

    This better survive grand thumbโ€™s icicle challenge ๐Ÿ˜”

  8. nuckfewsom

    Armsunlimited has been trying to sell this for literally 6 months.

  9. Two_Shekels

    HK is just taking the piss at this point

  10. ghostface128597

    Lmao. Stop it.

  11. Accomplished-Luck680

    Hey, it got Ambi bolt catch

  12. gebsmith

    Cool gun.. I wish it was $799.50 ๐Ÿ™

    Review of an older version but a solid review: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2k36LMyfKE](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2k36LMyfKE)

  13. Bp2750

    Dick mod kills the deal

  14. creedbratt0n

    Giggle time

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  16. Leather_Zucchini4050

    $3 final offer

  17. REKetofelt

    Excellent, needed a secondary for my M110.

  18. supercoolmanchu2020

    Why though? Really, why? On so many levels.

  19. voodooftw

    checks reddit group

    confirms “gundeals”

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