[pistol] Grand Power | Stribog SP9A3 9mm Sub Pistol – 8 $798 + s/h in cart

[pistol] Grand Power | Stribog SP9A3 9mm Sub Pistol – 8 $798 + s/h in cart


[pistol] Grand Power | Stribog SP9A3 9mm Sub Pistol – 8 $798 + s/h in cart

18 reviews for [pistol] Grand Power | Stribog SP9A3 9mm Sub Pistol – 8 $798 + s/h in cart

  1. Musicisevil

    For anyone with a burning desire for a bog, this is the BIN price if you don’t get taxed. Local sportsmans has them for 950.
    My a3 has had 5 FTFs and 1 FTE in 800+ rounds (or about 0.75% failure rate) with straight steel lipped mags. The failures were all with cheap steel fmjs. 0 issues with heavy grain brass.
    I don’t own any, but supposedly the new curved mags resolve feeding issues

  2. CoolWhipLuke

    No please, my wallet can’t take it and I don’t have enough space in my safe…

  3. csl110

    Seems like a great deal for the A3 version. New curved mags have resolved the feeding issues. If I didn’t already have an A1 I would get this.

  4. DakPresglock

    Stop me please man

  5. pt1789

    $744 with MIL/LEO

  6. Naldo5711

    Pros and cons vs Scorpion? Looking for my first PCC

  7. 10mmIsBestCentimeter

    Yo stribogs are cool AF.

    I just picked up an A3 model and one of the new A3 Tactical lowers to use my AKV mags. Can’t wait to shoot it.

  8. roachbooty

    Great gun, runs like a fat kid chasing an ice cream truck.

  9. waratworld17

    C U R V E D.

    M A G S

  10. ToddSolondz

    this or b&t apc 9 pro?

  11. pisomojado101

    As a Stribog owner, I’d recommend you save up for something nicer. This is one of few gun purchases I regret.

  12. DemetriusGotGame

    Wish this took glock mags.

  13. Kpkimmel

    Junk gun, need different mags or different lower to make reliable.

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  15. whatamisaying2u

    Is it possible to buy these with no mags? I live in a very sad state where >10 round mags are illegal to be sold in the state, but you can legally buy them in another state and possess them here

  16. 0per8nalHaz3rd

    This or the evo?

  17. M16iata

    How is this roller delay system vs the mp5?

  18. youreverysmartbrah

    Never realized these were delayed roller blowback. How do they shoot?

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