[Pistol] Grand Power Stribog SP9A3 – 9mm – SBT Folding Brace Combo w CURVED MAG $758+s/h

[Pistol] Grand Power Stribog SP9A3 – 9mm – SBT Folding Brace Combo w CURVED MAG $758+s/h


[Pistol] Grand Power Stribog SP9A3 – 9mm – SBT Folding Brace Combo w CURVED MAG $758+s/h

22 reviews for [Pistol] Grand Power Stribog SP9A3 – 9mm – SBT Folding Brace Combo w CURVED MAG $758+s/h

  1. RedcoatBastard

    >Comes with 1x curved mag 2x regular mag

  2. lnSerT_Creative_Name

    So does the curved mag on these help with the mag issues I’ve heard about? Personally I prefer the looks of the straight mag.

  3. anonymosity06

    Ah, I regret checking this before my pre-work nap.. at least I won’t have to look at one later down the road!

  4. cabanabannana

    Seems like a great price for the A3. I’m enjoying my A1 but if I had a crystal ball I think I’d have waited and paid $100ish more for this version.


    Hey /u/quadrail this takes curved mags you aesthetic mothefucker

  6. echocall2

    [A1 w/brace for $674](https://doublemdefense.com/product/grand-power-stribog-sp9a1-gen-2-9mm-non-reciprocating-folding-brace-combo/) if you want to save $90 and run the straight mags

  7. Go_cards502

    This is BIN or very close. This is a great gun. I love my a3 and have had no issues with anything other than 150 grain syntec

  8. CatholicCrusaderJedi

    I just bought two guns in the last two days and I really shouldn’t. . .

  9. 556fmj

    I’ve always wanted one of these and prices just keep going down. I hate CA so much. Maybe with the new company I’m about to start with there will be a chance to move to Oregon.

  10. SouthPawCO

    Damn it, I resisted last time but the PDW got me. Thanks for posting and merry Xmas to me.

  11. uhkayus

    Seems like a killer deal in my opinion. Don’t know how the A3 is in reliability, if they fixed it or not. But if they did, definitely BIN.

  12. unl0cke

    Does Double M Defense have a Reddit account? Been trying to get the status of an order for a few days.

  13. NotoriousDVA

    I’m hesitating only because I might get ATF’d with the brace… that is the best price I have ever seen. Wish I knew the odds I’d have to SBR it anyway

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  15. onlybanana

    Did they ever fix the issue with hollow points?

  16. Creative-Librarian73

    Does the updated version fix the issue where the bullet fall into FCG if you hold the gun upward while open the bolt?

  17. Gooobzilla

    My A1 arrived today to my local FFL and I brought it home. The A1 comes with 1 curved and 2 straight mags as well. $688 delivered

  18. Gooobzilla

    I would have spent the extra $84 on the A3 if I had the chance. I’m too impulsive

  19. playwithguns

    Wish i could get this with the tailhook brace at a price like this…

  20. akathedevil666

    That’s a great price

  21. DirtyTooth

    Ask your doctor if Xiaflex may be right for you

  22. Big-Raisin3401

    Anyone other unfortunate souls happen to know if it’s possible to get one of these in California?

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