[Pistol] Grand Power K100 X-Trim 9mm Handgun $539

[Pistol] Grand Power K100 X-Trim 9mm Handgun $539


[Pistol] Grand Power K100 X-Trim 9mm Handgun $539

6 reviews for [Pistol] Grand Power K100 X-Trim 9mm Handgun $539

  1. gorillaz3648

    Run down on these: Slovakian manufacter, same people who make the Stribog. These are imported by Global Ordnance.

    The K100 series is a polymer frame, hammer fired, 9mm handgun. These are revolving barrel handguns, which (apparently) reduces muzzle flip, and definitely increases the smoothness of the slide operation — this is the same system as the Beretta PX4 (edit)

    Holsters [are available](https://www.redhilltactical.com/Grand-Power-Competition-Holster-_p_89.html) at Red Hill Tactical. The XCalibur, K100 XTrim, and K22 XTrim all use the same holsters.

    These are a killer duty/practice handgun, and can even stretch into competition for a decent price. The SA trigger is fantastic, and the fit and finish is marvelous.

    The most direct competitor in this price range would be the Canik TP9SFX and the like. These are nothing special, but they’re interesting, and fun to shoot. Also 20 round magazines are only $30 for them

  2. Scalermann

    Is Slovakia becoming Czechia 2.0? Perhaps Croatia too?

  3. Ok_Understanding1612

    Why would one want this instead of ..say.. a CZ?

  4. thegenericchen

    I brought one of these to a Travis Haley course. I wasn’t very fast back then, but I was shooting lights out accuracy wise vs everyone else. Holes touching at 20-25 yards.

    The magazines were the weak point, empty mags sometimes exploded when I stopped them.

  5. jaymassinello

    Welcome20 also gets you $20 off.

  6. [deleted]


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