[Pistol] Glockzilla G40 10mm – $718.82 + Shipping – 4 in stock

[Pistol] Glockzilla G40 10mm – $718.82 + Shipping – 4 in stock


[Pistol] Glockzilla G40 10mm – $718.82 + Shipping – 4 in stock

21 reviews for [Pistol] Glockzilla G40 10mm – $718.82 + Shipping – 4 in stock

  1. KeepandBearMemes

    put on a red dot and a light and you have peak 10mm performance. seems to be a popular bear gun

  2. aj_drogo

    Glock needs to make a G40L.

  3. Pissed_Off_Cannoli

    One day I will own this beast. And I will giggle like a school girl as I make pew pew noises with it

  4. radical1911

    Love mine, hate price of ammo for it lol

  5. Individual_Fox_9690

    This is the best Glock product and it’s not close.

  6. Horvaticus

    I just picked mine up from the last time this was posted, price is even lower now. Let’s clear ’em out boys! Get your Glockzilla on!

  7. Tuco86x

    #Problem Solver

  8. indomitablescot

    1cm is best mm

  9. lonenematode

    Oh boy did I willingly pay the covid tax for one last summer and not a single regret, very versatile. Almost a multi purpose pistol, and my problem solver.

  10. Mamono29a

    Dammit OP! You got me, I bought one.

  11. dottmatrix

    Glockzilla represent!

  12. pantsopticon88

    I fucking love this thing. It’s ridiculous in a way that makes sense to me.
    The fact it has run cheap target 40sw without any issues (minus how shitty the 40sw was with FTF FTE ect)
    Ballistics are devastating
    It feel very neutral
    Aftermarket options galore
    Stock barrel is a tack driver on mine. Easy hits with a dot at 100yrd.
    I have a safari land holster for mine and used it for some courses. I have a 507 acss green dot and a tlr-1 on it and even though that is hardly Gucci shit it feel perfect on it.

    Only parts I swapped on the gun itself are the mag release and guide rod. I am thinking about a trigger but I am too shitty to need a better trigger.

    For me it ls this thing or my glock 34 and I take this thing out way more

    Do it! Get one!

  13. macsspeed

    Do they make threaded barrels for this?

  14. DraconisMarch

    Any reason to get this over the new M&P 10mm?

  15. melonm8

    Darn this state and not being able to have anything newer than Gen 3 and 10 round mags (Cali)

  16. Hep_C_for_me

    Roland of Gilead approves

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  18. HODLandFLOW

    I got my G20 for about$580 in 2020 when COVID-19 started. are these seriously over $100 more than my G20 all the time? Got it March 17 2020

    Edit: G20 just popped up on here for $580. Rare price now I guess. Never mind

  19. 29palms97

    Why am I so tempted?

  20. Skingle

    offensive pistols go brrr

  21. GabapentinGetaway


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