[Pistol] Glock G40 Gen4 MOS 10mm, 6″ Barrel, Adjustable Sights 15rd Mag $700

[Pistol] Glock G40 Gen4 MOS 10mm, 6″ Barrel, Adjustable Sights 15rd Mag $700


[Pistol] Glock G40 Gen4 MOS 10mm, 6″ Barrel, Adjustable Sights 15rd Mag $700

27 reviews for [Pistol] Glock G40 Gen4 MOS 10mm, 6″ Barrel, Adjustable Sights 15rd Mag $700

  1. Tuco86x

    This is the 10mm I wanna get 1 day

  2. Tuco86x

    The real Glock 40 problem solver

  3. Individual_Fox_9690

    Bow down to Glockzilla. I have one of these with a DeltaPoint Pro on it. Great shooter, super accurate and the steel targets go down with force.

  4. SteelEbola

    Thank God I am broke… or I would be after seeing this haha.

  5. OfficialHavik

    Oh shit. The big daddy…. this is the one folks!!

  6. Ottorange

    Sometimes it’s nice to see OOS. Not sure I would have been able to resist.

  7. ramblinspooner

    New Ohio Whitetail pistol? Farthest shot is 30 yards out of one of my stands..

  8. Clifton1979

    For when Yogi Bear attacks

  9. Ludeape

    bought one of these locally several months ago for $799 , so this is a decent deal.

  10. WACOtheATF

    Just shot my 20 gen 4 last weekend. So fun will bring it to every range trip from now on. Recoils about the same as 45 and ammo is available and affordable.

    Need a good spot to send the slide to get milled for rmr if anyone has one.

  11. Jaeger_Mikasa


  12. DriveFoST

    Cries in California

  13. cjwatson247


    Bought this yesterday but looks like they are still in stock.

  14. Binford2000

    Damn. Just bought the G40 posted the other day for 750ish. Can’t win ’em all I guess.

  15. Techn028

    I want to recreate big chungus with a 10mm

  16. nocontroll

    If I got this on backorder anyone have any idea how long it may take? Or is it better to keep shopping around.

  17. Way_2_Go_Donny

    10mm is the best mm…

  18. dabisnit

    BIN price!!

  19. TTV_Griff1

    Is it just me or does the frame fit look off? In particular the section where a light would go.

  20. QuoteDizzy9629

    If you haven’t handled one of these and you’re trying to decide between a Glock 40 and 20, do yourself a favor and handle before purchase. I personally found the 40 freakishly long, and immediately went with the 20.

  21. meddlingmages

    What’s the cpr difference for 9mm vs 10mm

    Why would you get a 10mm Glock over a 9mm?

  22. Ben__34

    Love mine!

  23. gdmfsobtc

    Good gun, have one.

  24. Rocker66

    Literally my favorite gun

  25. WayOfTheChunkle

    **L O N G B O I**

  26. Bubba-jones

    The optic seems to defeat the purpose of the long sight radius.

  27. mpak87

    I picked one up at that price from a local shop a couple of weeks ago. Only put one box through it so far, but it’s awesome. Wish I could find some ammo though. Things are rough in Alaska.

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