[Pistol] GLOCK G40 GEN 4 MOS BLACK 10MM 6IN 15RDS $699

[Pistol] GLOCK G40 GEN 4 MOS BLACK 10MM 6IN 15RDS $699


[Pistol] GLOCK G40 GEN 4 MOS BLACK 10MM 6IN 15RDS $699

25 reviews for [Pistol] GLOCK G40 GEN 4 MOS BLACK 10MM 6IN 15RDS $699

  1. FabulaJones

    Big polymer on his hiiiip

  2. Tuco86x

    Glock 40 problem solver

  3. KingJak117

    2x4s have gotten expensive.

  4. CarsGunsBeer

    This gun is sure to impress the ladies if you appenix carry it.

  5. pensacolaslim

    In my experience Reeds is good to go. Cheap and ships fast

  6. Adseg5

    Guys if I buy this Glock will release the gen 5 a week later… My G20 really needs a father figure.

  7. gebsmith

    My wallet hates you. This was on my wishlist and I can’t pass up $100 off and no tax. Thanks!

  8. Dogsport1

    Is this BIN? Literally the only glock I’ve ever considered cause 10mm, but haven’t been following prices.

  9. SteelEbola

    Talk me out of it…

  10. PigeonMilk55

    Six of the best inches you’ll ever pay for

  11. RGBAlt

    If I ever needed a bear gun, this would be it.

  12. MrDJay34

    Had G40 Gen 4 MOS

    Such a good gun. My favorite Glock tie with Glock 34

    I paid $70 more but guys go grab this deal

  13. dottmatrix

    Glockzilla represent!

  14. Individual_Fox_9690

    This is by far the baddest Glock there is, and 10mm is awesome. I was shopping for something else when I saw one of these at a LGS in January at the same price and couldn’t resist. Zero regrets.

  15. Efficient-Warthog597

    This or a 20 for all around use? No hunting (animals).

  16. ewright28

    Thanks for the birthday present

  17. brickcabin

    I’m considering this or an F15, what should I get?

  18. NickName_Lays


  19. indomitablescot

    Best mm.

  20. sliderack

    Finally seeing 10mm again.

  21. AristoNYC

    Does this come with 3 mags? I can’t seem to see it on the page.
    Related note: my state requires conceal carry while hiking. I was going to get a Kenai chest mount but I need to find something enclosed. Any suggestions?

  22. dircs

    I know a lot of people love the 40, but I can’t get over how much longer it is than the 20. I suppose the extra length is good if you’re hunting with it, but for just inna-woods bear defense it seems like the 20 is a better choice?

  23. VodkaViking

    I want one of these so bad. Stuck in a 10 round state though.

  24. TallestBlue

    Stupid question, does anyone make a level 3 retention holster for this with rmr and flashlight cutout?

  25. Attackontitanplz

    This or the XD with its superior ergonomics and – dare i say – looks?

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