[Pistol] Glock 48 UA4850201 – $448.00

[Pistol] Glock 48 UA4850201 – $448.00


[Pistol] Glock 48 UA4850201 – $448.00

7 reviews for [Pistol] Glock 48 UA4850201 – $448.00

  1. Itchy_Promotion4336

    This is a US made Glock.

  2. Firearmjoe

    Damn. Just cashed out for the 48 mos version for 100 bucks more. Got tired of looking for the 43x mos.

  3. ATF_Officer

    Silver slide is best slide

  4. fingerslinger58

    This or a 365xl?

  5. hellzraven7

    I was either going to say the Austria name or maybe the serial numbers would be different.

  6. BerkeleyBailey

    I have one just like it, my question is can it fit with a rail? I’m sure it’s a 48G I wonder if the rail would fit for recover tactical GR42 and GR43 it says it fits for 48 but wonder if it would fit for the 48G.

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