[Pistol] Glock 48 MOS 10RD $529

[Pistol] Glock 48 MOS 10RD $529


[Pistol] Glock 48 MOS 10RD $529

12 reviews for [Pistol] Glock 48 MOS 10RD $529


    Well fuck… 1 week too late. Could a saved some money, lol.

  2. HesGoingTheSpeed

    I love my 48

  3. birriaandbiceps

    I’m genuinely curious as to why the is has been up all day and still not sold out. I get it’s not an absolute BIN price and some states get charged tax but the 48 mos is hard to find in Stock, much less at this price with free shipping. Am I missing something?

  4. BKSPharmD


  5. DerKrieger105

    43X MOS pls

  6. whodafkru1337

    Is it just me or are all merchants charging tax now, even out of state?


    I believe I paid around $440 for mine through Glock’s Veterans & Police program. Although I’ve seen some companies selling them straight up for around $450.

  8. hellzraven7

    Family firearms had these for 489$. That was a good deal.

  9. Jukecrim7

    Out of sick damn it

  10. [deleted]


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  12. schockergd

    Freaking love mine with a 507k on top, man is it accurate.

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