[Pistol] Glock 48 9mm 10rd Blk $425.52

[Pistol] Glock 48 9mm 10rd Blk $425.52


[Pistol] Glock 48 9mm 10rd Blk $425.52

6 reviews for [Pistol] Glock 48 9mm 10rd Blk $425.52

  1. Alexander-lexander4-

    Cheapest I’ve seen since launch?

  2. FredmyLeg

    Great price, Glock 19x for $559 as well

  3. KevinGracie


  4. _pwny_

    Are all US market Glocks made in the US these days or are some still imported?

  5. boi_skelly

    This pistol goes from good to great with the S15 magazines. Bumps up the 10 rounds to 15 by going to a full metal mag, rather than a polymer coated metal. May chew up the mag release eventually, but there’s steel mag releases for glocks

  6. AlchemicalToad

    Wow, that’s a fantastic price.

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