[pistol] GLOCK 44 22LR $347.25 + shipping (email for price)

[pistol] GLOCK 44 22LR $347.25 + shipping (email for price)


[pistol] GLOCK 44 22LR $347.25 + shipping (email for price)

13 reviews for [pistol] GLOCK 44 22LR $347.25 + shipping (email for price)

  1. BrambleVale3

    We get it, your TX22 is the best thing since sliced bread.

    This is cheaper than local blue label pricing for me.

  2. Sharpie24l

    Did they fix the issues with the slide venting themselves?

  3. mrtoomanyhobbies

    FTF issues are usually caused by not loading the mag correctly in my personal experience. The rounds tend to “nose dive” in the mag if you just push them down on to the follower like a normal pistol mag. If you hold down the loading tabs on the mag while loading, it will keep the rounds oriented properly.

  4. ATK42

    My Glock 44 has shot everything and never had an issue. Amazing little .22

  5. N20Joe

    New 22 FN has Glock shook

  6. TacoPowerUp

    Don’t let the haters dissuade you. My G44 has run flawlessly through 1000 rounds of all types of white box and premium ammo and it fits in my G19 holster. Training on the cheap. Send it!

  7. ihavefat

    I remember when these first came out. High expectations but it performed horribly in the reviews and was not reliable consistently with different owners. Since then I went with TX22 and it ran flawlessly. My first Taurus purchase lol

  8. [deleted]

    I don’t think I watched a Glock match when folks were running rimfire someone not having a malfunction. That said I’ll be getting one too

  9. bullet_magnet_

    I just paid $360 for blue label. This is an incredible deal.

  10. Agent_Orange7

    What’s the point of a .22LR pistol with a 10 round mag? Seems like it’s a bit bigger than a 43X with the same standard mag capacity, despite firing a much smaller round. Is there a reason for that?

  11. krackerbreadmann

    Nah go grab a taurus tx22 super duper fun.

  12. endwick

    Ah fuck me, I want one. Is this a good price?

    I want a “trainer” style .22 and I’m trying to decide between this, a Beretta M9-22/92-22, or a Walther. Yes, I’ve shot the 44, I liked it. Yes, I have a TX22. I don’t like it at all and am trying to sell it. Yes, I already have a Mark IV that I adore.

    Maybe I should just buy an Advantage Arms kit for my p80. Maybe I should stop fucking buying guns.

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