[PISTOL] GLOCK 43x MOS – $549

[PISTOL] GLOCK 43x MOS – $549


[PISTOL] GLOCK 43x MOS – $549

6 reviews for [PISTOL] GLOCK 43x MOS – $549

  1. -Man-O-War-

    God I hate living in California 😪

  2. Fireflair_kTreva

    This seems to be on the high side of average for the MOS model. I’ve seen it running $485-520 pretty frequently.

    That said, I was looking for this or a P365 XL to be my EDC, and ended up with the 365xl because it became available sooner. Quite happy with it, using the extended mags. Picked it up in the tac pack for $530. Doesn’t print and is comfortable for EDC.

  3. boringcorolla

    Everyone busy checking out

  4. Rlima22

    Looking for a glock 19 gen 5 optic ready in fde or black. Lol

  5. cyclingfaction

    Tempted, but a gun this small adding an optic defeats the 🐬of this model.

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