[Pistol] Glock 43X/48 complete frame – $149.99 + shipping

[Pistol] Glock 43X/48 complete frame – $149.99 + shipping


[Pistol] Glock 43X/48 complete frame – $149.99 + shipping

9 reviews for [Pistol] Glock 43X/48 complete frame – $149.99 + shipping

  1. Mc_squawk_box

    Need mos frame for the OGs who bought theirs before it came out.

  2. NotoriousDVA

    Thanks for sharing. Bought the 48 frame. I didn’t even know you could get them like this.

    I have a couple dozen guns but this will be the first Glock. The 19 and other doublestaccs are too thicc for my kitty paws.

    As always big tex is awesome

  3. goethert

    Any specific reasons not buying a Glock 43x/48 directly? Still need FFL for this one

  4. mcjon77

    Can I take the lower parts from my 43 and use them in the 43X? I know that the slides are compatible.

    I carry a 43 with a plus 2 extension and this is a pretty straightforward way to get 10 with a 43x, since my 43 plus 2 us the same size.

    EDIT: oh, this is a complete frame. At this price it’s worth it just to make the switch over, as opposed to paying the whole $450 for a 43x.

  5. Vibez_127

    Railed when. Since the mos version unicorn status

  6. rockinDS24

    I really need the MOS frame for this, but I’ve been unable to find it by any regard.

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  8. just-an-engineer

    u/IkeinTX any chance you get more 43X/48 anytime soon?

  9. SIRT1

    Bot OOS

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