[Pistol] Freedom Ordnance FX9 8.25″ $599

[Pistol] Freedom Ordnance FX9 8.25″ $599


[Pistol] Freedom Ordnance FX9 8.25″ $599

13 reviews for [Pistol] Freedom Ordnance FX9 8.25″ $599

  1. zynemisis

    One of y’all can verify or correct me here, but the fx-9 is the one that doesn’t play well with other lowers right? Like if I get the fx-9 and I decide I want to put the upper on a different lower, it won’t work.

    Or is the fx-9 the milspec one and another popular brand is the non-milspec?

  2. Guns_n_boobs

    Meh. If you want a budget 9mm PCC, get an Extar. Swap in a LaRue trigger and metal safety and save $100.

  3. BussyAficionado

    This was the pre-covid price, BIN

  4. kytran40

    One of my favorite guns. So fun to shoot

  5. BrambleVale3

    For the same money, this vs an Extar and a Hi-Point?


    “Can we have a UDP-9?”

    “No we have one at home”

    *The UDP-9 at home*

  7. razz538

    Damn if I didn’t already have 500 bucks invested in my shitty gen 1 spikes ar9

  8. JackEstab0n

    Does it have an m16 cut shelf? Asking for a friend.

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  10. Dammit-

    This or Stribog Gen1 a2?

  11. ValuableAd5881

    Because of the stock, this is SBR, correct? So you’ll need to fill out the paperwork and tax stamp or whatever

  12. TonkaButt

    Had a 1st Gen FX9. Was fun to shoot and ergonomically felt great. Had an issue about 500 rounds in where the gun would sometimes fire twice after pulling the trigger.

    Excellent customer service and turn around. They even send you a video showing the test fire after repair to verify work was done.

    Bought it for about $600 after tax and sold it for about $700.

    It’s a fun gun, but I feel it gets lost in a sea of 9MM PCC.

  13. RowHonest2833

    Anyone who also has an Extar able to talk about how they compare?

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