[Pistol] FM15 G2 11.5″ Buffer-Tubeless AR Pistol $800

[Pistol] FM15 G2 11.5″ Buffer-Tubeless AR Pistol $800


[Pistol] FM15 G2 11.5″ Buffer-Tubeless AR Pistol $800

13 reviews for [Pistol] FM15 G2 11.5″ Buffer-Tubeless AR Pistol $800

  1. tractorcrusher

    Here’s a video of how the tubeless system works for those of you like me who didn’t know and are curious- https://youtu.be/cwUGHrt6tZc

    Basically the BCG is more similar to an AK in regards to the recoil/buffer spring.

  2. IdyllicArcadia

    A true iron on your hip I see

  3. SkeezyDan

    Any word on these but in 18-20″?

  4. OperatorFox

    If the BRN180 is the “poor man’s MCX”, does this make this the poverty man’s MCX?

    Joke aside, I’m curious is they will sell the upper itself. I want to mate it to a 3DP lower and see how it runs.

  5. nick642246

    good alt to BRN-180

  6. Inspectah_Eck

    It will be interesting to see how these hold up to high round counts. Foxtrot has had a lot of solid products in the past and if these are reliable I can definitely see them becoming very popular as they fill the niche left by the lack of ar18 style rifles. Price point is pretty solid too

  7. Trapasaurus__flex

    Would this accept standard AR barrels? It’s got a decent bit of proprietary stuff, wondering if I could slap a faxon 300 BO barrel on it

  8. ice_cream_and_cakee

    For the urban community.

  9. SaintsSooners89

    This but 9mm

  10. realhidaro

    do they make thigh holsters for these

  11. toyotaco19

    Good ole foxtrot mike garbage.

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  13. KrustyBoomer

    Weird and unbalanced looking. My PLR-16 is way better.

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