[Pistol] FB Radom – Mini Beryl Pistol – .223/5.56 – $1,349

[Pistol] FB Radom – Mini Beryl Pistol – .223/5.56 – $1,349


[Pistol] FB Radom – Mini Beryl Pistol – .223/5.56 – $1,349

11 reviews for [Pistol] FB Radom – Mini Beryl Pistol – .223/5.56 – $1,349

  1. PenileTourniquet

    People are dissing this, but I kinda like it. Especially with a stock

  2. 19hInterrupt

    What’up with the rifle version? It was supposed to be released today, but now aoa page says it woul be on the 14th.

  3. Tuco86x

    Limit of 5

  4. Kingcornchips

    Really happy with mine. Find a stock, buy the trunnion and SBR it. Makes no sense trying to brace these since you can get damn close to the military version with little effort.

  5. ZM_USMC

    I’d get one of these if they took Circle 10 mags

  6. Cremefraichememer

    no threaded barrel tho?

  7. los_007


  8. M16iata


  9. BenderVsGossamer

    Ummm… Whaaat?

  10. Smacked_Juicebox

    Why do people do this? I genuinely do not understand. I understand wanting fun plinkers, but why 556 for these? I just dont get it

  11. phkk

    Look like crap. a FLOP. HARD PASS

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