[pistol] Extar EP9 9mm $449.00

[pistol] Extar EP9 9mm $449.00


[pistol] Extar EP9 9mm $449.00

18 reviews for [pistol] Extar EP9 9mm $449.00

  1. FredmyLeg

    honestly the gun I shoot the most, and definitely the best value firearm I own.

  2. jjl1911

    Buy one. Don’t wait. You won’t regret it. Slap a Romeo5 and an AFG on it, call it a day. FYI, Glock OEM mags do not drop free, but Magpul ones do. I have no experience with ETS mags though.

  3. Puzzled-Computer158

    Buy one.

    It’s the price of a cheap used Glock but 12x more badass.

  4. Embarrassed-Cabinet

    Mine arrives tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

  5. Potato_Muncher

    Just got mine in yesterday. It’s pretty gnarly for $450. Definitely worth getting.

    My only complaint is that my Glock OEM 33rd mags aren’t drop free, but the 17rd mag is.

  6. tbaum101

    Wow! That’s cheaper than you could buy your own parts and build yourself for

  7. halfwhiteknight

    This is the pre-pandemic price too y’all. And they’re made in Arizona. Gett’um!

  8. SemperPereunt

    In stock for over an hour? I’m ashamed of all of you


    Still in stock after 2 hours this has to be a new record.

  10. MattyIce994

    For anyone that has bought this, it looks like ship times are a week or two out. Do they hold off charging the card used until they ship or does it process immediately?

  11. 357Magnum

    I really wanted to buy one of these, but now that the ATF brace fuckery is going on I’m going to hold off until we find out if that goes through. I’d hate to buy it and then have to register it as a fuckin SBR lol.

  12. forged_fire

    Do they have any aftermarket rails or anything? I’d buy one if it wasn’t so fuckin ugly

  13. dirtyboots702

    Super fun shooter. And yes, you can replace the brace but don’t be stupid….there are videos explaining how to do it correctly. Mainly, DO NOT use their buffer in a milspec tube. It will shatter the plastic covering on the buffer. Expo arms makes an 8.1oz buffer that works great for mine using a standard spring and milspec tube. It’s attached with the farrowtech adapter

    You can also change the safety but the hole for their polymer safety is a smidge smaller diameter than say a Radian. So it will need some breaking in

    You can also use a Phase 5 EBRv2 or v3 but not any BAD lever that attaches to the existing bolt release. It needs to be a one piece design or you’ll have problems

  14. OoopsWorngPlanet

    I have a G22 and might want a 40S&W but I also have a G17 barrel for it.

  15. Bluecheesemonkeyfunk

    This? Or build my own AR9?

  16. daveed1297

    I absolutely love this thing! Put a Romeo5 on it and the AFG is in the mail. I have 4 33rd Glock mags and this thing is just a blast to shoot. Feels like a great PDW style weapon for self defense and of course is a treat at the range!

  17. MonkeyTesticleJuice

    Not really a deal though, that’s retail price.

  18. Keeyaaah

    It’s almost as beautiful as my ARX100 🤤

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