[PISTOL] Extar EP9 $449

[PISTOL] Extar EP9 $449


[PISTOL] Extar EP9 $449

10 reviews for [PISTOL] Extar EP9 $449


    I grabbed one of these recently.

    It’s so good.

    Cannot recommend it enough!

  2. slothscantswim

    Why is this thing so cheap?

    I’ve spent more on .22 pistols lol

  3. Big_Gas_01

    Building an EPC-9 but part of me wishes I had just said fuck it and gotten an Extar.

    Not sure if a gun that’s most likely going to end up at $1k is going to be worth it over just something fun like this.

    I want to SBR it and get a can, so maybe it’s worth it just from a quality perspective if I’m already spending the money.

    But… I’m impulsive… and I want to shoot it.

  4. porkster13

    This thing is awesome! Took off the bottom rail and put it on the side. Don’t plan on adding a grip. Threw a cheap red dot and called it a day.

  5. tugrumpler

    When I ordered mine I also ordered a LaRue trigger for it. Once I got it I discovered the EP9 trigger is so good I never bothered installing the MBT.

  6. shoomanfoo

    That’s BIN $ right?

  7. nug_nug01

    How does this compare to the stribog?

  8. Adseg5

    Just took this out Friday for the first time. Wife and I both really enjoyed shooting it!

  9. RodgerTibbs

    Fun, but unreliable.

  10. HTXViking

    This or SP5?

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