[pistol] EP9 back in stock $449 + BEES

[pistol] EP9 back in stock $449 + BEES


[pistol] EP9 back in stock $449 + BEES

17 reviews for [pistol] EP9 back in stock $449 + BEES

  1. thedurand

    I need an in stock alert on that damn carrying case.

  2. BrambleVale3

    Search for previous posts to read plenty of praise about these and have questions answered.

    Yes, they are awesome. RIP what’s left of your 9mm.


  3. SMZcrystals

    whats bees

  4. Choogly

    These guys are fuckin heroes, if you ask me. Maintained their price through an apocalypse in the gun world – didn’t even budge.

  5. onlybanana


  6. _PewPewMan

    Came here to post this.

    One day, one day I’ll get this.

  7. trick_m0nkey

    Don’t think, buy.

  8. PresidentOfBitcoin

    Bee projectiles? Like the Hivehand from half life?

  9. Odysseus556

    What’s BEES?

  10. Limp-Quail

    i got one ! f yeah

  11. TheChance916

    In for one, thanks!

  12. AgentBanner

    Do Glock 19 mags work on this?

  13. keknom

    EP9 is good for the money. It reliably shoots FMJ and JHPs for me. Out of the box it proved far more reliable than my CMMG MKGS 300 upper that took a lot of debugging to get it working happily.

  14. Tha-Mobb

    This or a Stribog?

  15. ChocolateTacos

    If anyone needs an Extar case I’ll sell you my barely used one. It will not fix the Extar with a Linear compensator attached to it.

  16. brungfunchy

    I want one of these in 10mm

  17. asdfghjklq

    Have these moved much in price?

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