[pistol] EP9 back in stock $449.99

[pistol] EP9 back in stock $449.99


[pistol] EP9 back in stock $449.99

20 reviews for [pistol] EP9 back in stock $449.99

  1. hitstheblunt

    they really moving ‘em before this brace ruling 😂

  2. UgliestCookie

    These guys are the real MVPs. This has been the price forever and you _know_ they could easily be getting more than $449 for these.

  3. Gliff_

    You can look at my past posts to see one with an aftermarket handguard.

    Don’t be fooled by the price. It’s an amazing gun.


    Get it, bros.

    This gun rocks.

    Just got mine fully set up.


  5. chris1403

    Hey guys so I’ve been debating on purchasing one of these or buying a foxtrot mike fm9 for a few hundred more. Does anyone have any input on this? Relatively new gun owner still so just looking for some advice from any of you more experienced owners is all 👍

  6. CosmosisJones90

    Just pulled the trigger on one. 3 gun purchase on past 3 months. This will go nicely with my Glock.

  7. AnEffortIsBeingMade

    Bought one of these because what the hell.

    Bought another one of these because they’re awesome.

    Trying real hard not to buy a third one of these.

  8. BIG-MIKE-30

    Bought one for myself and my wife took it and now I have to buy another. Love this gun.

  9. WorkAccountUSAF

    Randomly refreshed the page and didn’t say out of stock. Bought one so fast. Now time for the waiting game!

  10. gregg00sss

    Yall convinced me. Had been looking at building an Aero version but order placed.

  11. BrambleVale3

    Adios paychecks! If you’re on the fence search for past posts and you’ll find a plethora of information in the comments.

  12. CommunismIsBad2021

    Stop arguing about the ATF’s new rules, they’re all horseshit and they’ll put you in prison no matter how compliant you think your pistol is, the new rules just outright ban anything that they could possibly conceive of as an SBR.

  13. jjl1911

    I have one. It’s such a blast to shoot. Sig Romeo5, Magpul backups, and an AFG.
    Two of my buddies shot it, they ordered one on the next drop.

  14. BrambleVale3

    This is legit the longest I’ve ever seen these stay in stock.

  15. moxa1973

    I wanted one of these, but I just bought a pc charger. Anyone have both?

  16. BoardOriginal9847

    Sweet,where are the higher caliber anchors?

  17. shura1980

    3:05 pm Eastern still available

  18. woozysauce

    This or the Aero EPC9? I have SOME* Aero builds, just wondering how this stacks up? Aero is pricey and I don’t have a need to dump $1k into one of these.

    The term “some” is used for the alphabet boiz, 🖕🏻🇺🇸

  19. Bcomplexity

    This or foxtrot Mike or build aero 9mm ar?

  20. gregg00sss

    For those who have one already, any feedback on mags? Finding 50 round drums by promag and KCI. As well as extended 33 round mags by SGM & KCI. Extended mags are about half the price of Glock mags. Extar’s website recommends Glock or Magpul mags but curious if anyone has had success with other one.

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