[Pistol] Dan Wesson KODIAK 10MM 6″ 8RD DUAL TONE $1,996.76 No Tax

[Pistol] Dan Wesson KODIAK 10MM 6″ 8RD DUAL TONE $1,996.76 No Tax


[Pistol] Dan Wesson KODIAK 10MM 6″ 8RD DUAL TONE $1,996.76 No Tax

14 reviews for [Pistol] Dan Wesson KODIAK 10MM 6″ 8RD DUAL TONE $1,996.76 No Tax

  1. Linkmaco3

    Oh fuck oh fuck. Does my family realllyyyy need Christmas gifts this year tho?

  2. NotoriousDVA

    10mm 1911 is exercising your right to bear arms against bears with bare bear arms

  3. soggybottomman

    I don’t recall a *post* ever flexing on me before, but here we are.

  4. Infamous_Translator

    I’m not a 1911 fan but I would buy a Dan Wesson.

  5. joseph-1998-XO

    My inner boomer calls for it

  6. Ok_Understanding1612

    Fuck, they have layaway

  7. President_Nixon1

    Cool gun but for long term reliability I’d get the sig p220 in 10mm for $1500. They beefed up the sig p220 10mm version specifically for hot 10mm

  8. Dindunuffin0311


  9. ankitsaxena2912

    If this was the tri-tone. my wallet would be 2k lighter right now

  10. TheYankeeFist


    Thank God.

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  12. earthman47

    Geez I need this

  13. RNAguns

    The practical side of me says I should be happy with my RIA Tac Ultra FS HC that has twice the capacity. But the gundeals side of me says “shut up and take my money!”

  14. Heistman

    Can someone be my sugar daddy? I cook a mean omelette.

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