[Pistol] CZ Shadow 2 SA/DA 9mm blue grips – $1099.99 (Urban Grey in stock too)

[Pistol] CZ Shadow 2 SA/DA 9mm blue grips – $1099.99 (Urban Grey in stock too)


[Pistol] CZ Shadow 2 SA/DA 9mm blue grips – $1099.99 (Urban Grey in stock too)

22 reviews for [Pistol] CZ Shadow 2 SA/DA 9mm blue grips – $1099.99 (Urban Grey in stock too)

  1. fepbj

    Lord, please, no.

  2. wjnewman17

    Absolute BIN. I believe this is what I paid Jan 2020. This gun is like having a cheat code.

  3. Badassteaparty

    This gun fucks. Ive shot with this, the beretta performance, and a glock 34 and the CZ wins handily. Throw cajun parts in it and that trigger pull is something else.

  4. ObiWongKenobi

  5. DeadbeatPillow1

    Well this is BIN. I bought it last BIN about a year ago at $1135 shipped.

    Edit : Only 1 in stock good luck whoever wants this.

  6. Israel_Gynesanya

    Lord give me strength

  7. datnumber1boi

    God damnit this is like the third post I’ve had to say this and I’m really starting to hope they see this shit and hire me to be a hype man,


  8. joe_sun

    I didn’t know I wanted this until today

  9. gebsmith

    Is the TSO worth $400 more than this?

  10. Summonest

    why does god give me the hardest tests

  11. brungfunchy

    I need a SP01 tactical in the low 600s lol

  12. Kashm1r_Sp1r1t

    Thank God it’s gone, i’ve bought too much shit already

  13. _chuckbiscuits_

    Fugg. I wanted this.

  14. BigBouy234

    Just out of curiosity, was this the optics ready one?


    What’s the difference between this one and the model which is like $1500?

    E- I appreciate the downvote with 0 explanation.

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  17. tailgateparty


  18. InnerChemist

    OOS thank the Lord.

  19. Armoredx

    What’s is BIN?

  20. ObiWongKenobi

    Bot oos

  21. RatRob

    Oh thank god it’s out of stock.

  22. andersss11

    Serious question , spo1 tactical “cajunized” or this ?
    Preferably answers from people who have shot both. I already own the tactical but would kinda like to know before I take the plunge into Cajun works

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