[Pistol] CZ Shadow 2 SA 9mm 4.89″ Steel Frame Blue Grips 17Rd 3 Magazines $1199

[Pistol] CZ Shadow 2 SA 9mm 4.89″ Steel Frame Blue Grips 17Rd 3 Magazines $1199


[Pistol] CZ Shadow 2 SA 9mm 4.89″ Steel Frame Blue Grips 17Rd 3 Magazines $1199

7 reviews for [Pistol] CZ Shadow 2 SA 9mm 4.89″ Steel Frame Blue Grips 17Rd 3 Magazines $1199

  1. MercurialPheasant

    Trigger on the SAO is incredible. Personally I’d get it over the DA/SA unless you intend to shoot USPSA. The sao trigger pushes this into limited which means you can’t shoot production OR Carry optics.

    It’s Idpa legal but again the trigger pushes you up a class into ESP. For IDPA (I believe that’s not a huge issue). For USPSA it’s more annoyingly because other limited Guns will not only have good triggers but after market mag wells and most importantly – they often shoot Major which is an (arguably) real advantage.

    The competition quirks are an entirely other discussion with lots of nuance. If this is really just a range toy, you’ll love the SAO and if you ever get really serious about competition you can upgrade it to be effective in limited or “downgrade “ to a da/sa trigger and run production or CO

    Hope that helps.

  2. reshp2

    CZs, including the regular S2, are very easy to convert to SAO, but also there’s virtually no benefit to just leaving it DA/SA and just never using DA. The only thing SAO conversion really gives you is a trigger you can tune pretravel out with a set screw, but you can also hand fit an over sized disconnector for the same effect.

  3. Thomas_peck

    I’m still wondering why anybody would buy this over an SP01? I’m a huge CZ 75 fan but don’t see the justified reason to spend almost double.

    Serious question, not trying to troll.

  4. scarface2887

    Got one of these and the trigger has me awe. Only thing I’d change is make it less than half an inch shorter and add a threaded barrel for quiet times

  5. Linkstas

    Saw this same gun at a range for 1900 yesterday. Thing is heavy and sexy. I guess its a BBW

  6. Bambam927

    CZ starting to sip their own kool aid. They had a niche when they were essentially cheaper glocks that came stock with a better trigger and sights out of the box. Now even their striker fired guns which should be similar to Glock are creeping past or already are higher than Glock prices. Let’s see if they price themselves out. My cousin has one… carrier it for 4 months. And finish looks like hell, all the push pins ad other hardware has rust. No failures though so that is good. But at this point why not just buy a Glock for less $ than CZ and throw some nice iron night sights on for $80…

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