[Pistol] CZ P10C Optics Ready $596

[Pistol] CZ P10C Optics Ready $596


[Pistol] CZ P10C Optics Ready $596

6 reviews for [Pistol] CZ P10C Optics Ready $596

  1. danferindustries

    Not the cheapest, but there is one in stock. Someone have at it before I buy this for no reason.

  2. Boogerweed2

    This was my first weapon purchase. Absolutely love it. I’ve put a surefire weapon light and vortex venom on it

  3. houseandtechno

    I know these are legit. But how do these compare to the new Walther PDP compacts?

  4. JPD232

    Already OOS. This is the first time I’ve seen it in stock in many months but I was too late.

  5. friedchickenwaffles

    I enjoy mine. Got a midway bundle with supressor height sights and a rmr baseplate for around 40 bucks. I have a venom on there for now until 508t gr show up again.

  6. showercrepes

    What are y’all carrying this in? Tier1 doesn’t seem to have a 10c/tlr7a holster

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