[Pistol] Colt (Walther) 1911 .22LR 10+1 black $359.99

[Pistol] Colt (Walther) 1911 .22LR 10+1 black $359.99


[Pistol] Colt (Walther) 1911 .22LR 10+1 black $359.99

12 reviews for [Pistol] Colt (Walther) 1911 .22LR 10+1 black $359.99

  1. Sober_Browns_Fan

    Colt (Walther) ((Umarex))

  2. Bayou-Magic

    I have one of these, pretty good for the price. As others have said anything 22lr is gonna be a little finicky, but overall I like this gun. Has pretty good fit and finish, good weight and overall feel, and it’s a blast to shoot. More accurate than I expected to boot. I would want to see it closer to $300 though. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the 22lr Beretta M9 for around the same price if that has any weight for anyone.

    Also, if it matters to anyone, it only comes with one magazine and you can basically only find extras online. I got one on gunbroker for $25 – the cheapest I could find but still more than it seems like it should be. Some say the mags are 12rd and some say 10. You can definitely fit 12, but the only times I’ve had it jam where when it was loaded past 10.

  3. morethanmacaroni

    I think it’s neat. Anybody got any feedback on this or a comparably priced 1911 style pistol in .22?

  4. jhizzzzzz

    What is the most reliable 1911 .22? I want one with a threaded barrel too

  5. Thomas_peck


  6. sniff_this_finger

    only ten rounds?

  7. Scalce

    I have the basic one that I got from PSA for $249.99 and it’s my favorite range gun.


    It comes with us for every pistol session and I usually shoot it suppressed. I put nothing but bulk ammo through it and it only starts to feed slow or not go into battery after 100s of rounds. Then all you do reach in and wipe off the feed ramp and around the chamber and you are back to shooting.

    I can’t speak for the rail gun version as maybe it is more finicky.

  8. ITR010342

    Have one, no problems with any ammo and is a nice suppressor host. You have to buy a cheap adapter to make it threaded.

  9. Embarrassed_Advice_2

    I have the “Gold Cup” version. It is pretty good. I put a WC trigger and G10 grips on it. It work great for practicing trigger pulls, breathing, etc. I mix in a magazine of full size 1911 a few times back and forth. A great way to shoot 100 – 200 rounds for cheap. I use mini mags. I probably have a FTF 2% to 5% of the time.

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  11. Blitzedtater

    I am tempted on this. I have the browning 1911 – 22 and am disappointed with it. The 85% size to the government model just flat out sucks. To light and the grip is just too small. The only good things I can say about it is that it looks cool and cycles all kinds of ammo reliably. I have the tx22, magazine capacity is awesome but it is very picky on what you feed it. My best shooter is a ruger single six. A tack driver that eats it all. I don’t like hearing that the magazines are hard to find on the walther. Should I buy this or the blue line-gsg 1911?

  12. jgisbo007

    What do you guys think about the Colt 1911 government model (not .22)? It looks so sexy in pictures but not sure if it’s any good irl.

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