[Pistol] Colt Cobra 38 SPC, 2″ Barrel, Blueish, $439 w/ free shipping

[Pistol] Colt Cobra 38 SPC, 2″ Barrel, Blueish, $439 w/ free shipping


[Pistol] Colt Cobra 38 SPC, 2″ Barrel, Blueish, $439 w/ free shipping

26 reviews for [Pistol] Colt Cobra 38 SPC, 2″ Barrel, Blueish, $439 w/ free shipping

  1. SmoothJ1mmyApollo

    I hate this season. The weather sucks up all the slime and filth in the streets and pours it back down on ya. But then, that’s what this city’s all about. I’ve spent my life in this concrete merry-go-round watching the same crimes play out year after year, like a jukebox with only one, sad song. It’s a city with no one to trust, and no one to love, where cigarette butts are the only ass you get.

  2. superkuper

    Reds tarnation

  3. Dave_A_Computer

    Looks like they have a couple good deals on surplus right now.

    Beretta 84 Cheetah 380 ACP, 13rd $449


    K.S.N Industries Golan, 9mm, 15rd (CZ99 Clone) $369


    IMI marked Poly-Jericho 941FSL, 3.8″, 9mm $380


    Edit: I am in no way affiliated with WhatinTarnation, or the dozens of sights I share deals from. I’m a simple man, I see good price– i share.

    NSFWallets Edit: Apparently they pulled out additional stock and updated the OP. The 3rd batch B Stock were in worse condition than what was originally posted but sold under the same URL and price. Please review all links posted before purchasing.

  4. PenileTourniquet

    A Cobra for $439 that has likely seen some action in the day? Hells yeah

  5. leanmeancoffeebean

    Damnit I have got to stop checking this subreddit. This week alone I’ve gotten 1k rounds of ammo, mags/holsters, and a light. I really don’t need this. But just out of curiosity, how rare are these, is this a screaming deal, and damn wouldn’t this would look good next to my 60s python?

  6. EastwoodRavine85

    Man I wish these were a little cheaper, I know they’ve got the Pony on them but you can get a brand new 637/642 Performance Center for the same price if you look a little

  7. TickleMyTikiBone

    I’ve been following this subreddit for years and so far I’ve only ever bought ammo and magazines.

    Today I finally said fuck it and bought something.

  8. sourmykraut

    Out of stock while checking out. You’re safe for now wallet.

  9. Memecaliber

    Assholes, been waiting on these while purchasing a new house. Just had to fucking post it, didn’t you OP? Lol I had the listing open for nearly a month.

  10. newaccount_2020

    Ugh I was out shoveling snow 🙁

  11. ginjaninja3223

    Will they ship to C&R licensees? They stopped making the first series in 71 i think so these are all eligible

    Update: sent an email via their CS form asking about this and got a reply saying they know some are and will see what they can do

  12. goldknife001

    F***. I sent it.

  13. GGuvroh

    Damn, oos

  14. asrspr

    They posted the next batch, but changed them to B-Stock (non-original grips, missing rod heads) without changing the URL or the price. I’m a bit annoyed at them for that and also a bit annoyed at myself that I didn’t notice it before ordering.

  15. luker04

    Man this has me torn. I really want a compact wheel gun, but not sure if I should buy vintage or or look for something new.

  16. zorbaguppie

    Good deal

  17. Step8_freedom

    Ahh this is a good deal

  18. Thoraxe474

    Bot oos

  19. rustic_trombone


  20. RSN_Gun_Supply

    Thanks to all that purchased the majority shipped out today. With a small handful waiting on FFL Copies. Tracking was sent out vie Text Message. – RSN

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  22. ultramarioihaz

    Tempting. Really want a cc snubby, been looking at 642s/638

  23. MaverickTopGun

    I have a 15-2 that I originally had those carry grips on but they are dogshit to shoot so I put some big ol’ target grips on it and it’s so much fun.

  24. fuckyou237

    Damn Colts are out, good find though. 👍.

  25. stonewall993

    Fuck me, I missed it. Just curious though, do these hold 5 or 6, and how much do these weigh? Would these be good for pocket carry like a j frame?

  26. The-Legate-Lanius

    Bummed I missed this one

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