[Pistol] Century/MKE AP5 with SBT5A folding brace $1,699

[Pistol] Century/MKE AP5 with SBT5A folding brace $1,699


[Pistol] Century/MKE AP5 with SBT5A folding brace $1,699

18 reviews for [Pistol] Century/MKE AP5 with SBT5A folding brace $1,699

  1. midnightmk4

    Good deal considering the AP5 is usually like 1650 shipped from dajlonega and the brace is about 180-250

  2. LilDucca

    I got an AP5 yesterday for $1,599 from dkfirearms, but if you want one with a brace this is a pretty solid package for the price. You get 2 30rd metal mags, flash hider, claw mount, sling, brace, cleaning kit, and a really bad plastic case.

  3. FastRiddickGroot

    I had to hop on, I’ve been looking for one and the brace included makes this too good to pass

  4. Storeyedboar

    Are these GTG? Anything century makes me nervous, seems like they aren’t made by century. Probably don’t neeeeeeeed one but MP5 clone.

  5. Eleet007

    These have an integrated tri lug on barrel?

  6. danonjj

    tri lug and brace = count me in.

  7. WSB_stonks_up

    Out of stock. I just tried to buy one 🙁

  8. danonjj

    “Lugs & threads for muzzle devices”

    does this mean it has a tri lug??

  9. JackEstab0n

    They ran out of turkeys from Thanksgiving so they are turkey-free

  10. Not_stats_driven

    If I didn’t just build a 300BLK…

  11. CalicoJack195

    Maaan I’d really love this. The addition of the brace just makes this even sweeter. Couple years from now gonna be kicking myself for not getting one.

  12. TexasAg17

    If these are 1699, I wonder what my zenith would go for?

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  14. gumby36psi

    Been on hunt for a sp5 below 3k for full size larping fun since i already have a z5p

    I think for the price and mke quality I might just have to get this

  15. Snookin

    K version $1720, best I’ve seen for a while there too

  16. Internetguy1000

    Does this use the same system as the mp5.

  17. starlordturdblossom

    Braces are out of stock, can’t add to cart anymore.

  18. Temporary_Annual_986

    I’ll go ahead and ask, is this the Kmart mp 5?

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