[Pistol] CENTURY ARMS Draco 7.62×39 AK Pistol, 12.25in Barrel $829.96 + S&H

[Pistol] CENTURY ARMS Draco 7.62×39 AK Pistol, 12.25in Barrel $829.96 + S&H


[Pistol] CENTURY ARMS Draco 7.62×39 AK Pistol, 12.25in Barrel $829.96 + S&H

11 reviews for [Pistol] CENTURY ARMS Draco 7.62×39 AK Pistol, 12.25in Barrel $829.96 + S&H

  1. 10mmIsBestCentimeter

    This is the good one.

    You want to avoid the 10″ barrel as it’s the US made Draco.

  2. davidjq72

    I don’t know why every single retailer uses this picture. Buds and I all ordered for different retailers and ALL of us got a black plastic grip and no cleaning rod, or us Palm mag instead of magpul. Shit’s lame and they need to stop if they’re not going to include the bakelite and cleaning rod like they advertise

  3. GoBaldFaster

    I have one of these. They’re rad.

  4. TRideJuicebox

    I have a Mini Jack and an M92 that I love. Why do I want this too?

  5. D_Poner57

    Can someone help me understand something? Do I have this right: he rear trunion on these is flat, but I’d prefer to have the standard AKM rear trunion on it. That would mean I would have to buy one, ship it to a builder, and have them swap them out and put in new rivets. I’m not sure if this is worth it, or if I should buy the paratrooper model from Atlantic and just have my local gunsmith cut the barrel.

    Edit: what’s the best way to go? I want a 12.5 in barrel and AKM comparability with a standard stock point, it’s just the question of what way to go about getting it

  6. SpicyPurpleHonda

    Sheeeesh $60 shipping to me in IA

  7. wowthatsucked

    This vs the ZPAP M92?

  8. Nik_Bad

    How do you suppress this via Form 1 can?

  9. Dazzling-Abrocoma255

    i copped one of these bad boys, if you’re patient you can find a better deal on one though

  10. Vivid_Mention6139

    This is not a bad price, but pro tip: barreled actions (everything except grip and handguards) imported by M+M regularly go for under $700 on GB.

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