[Pistol] Canik Mete SFX black $442.75 + ship

[Pistol] Canik Mete SFX black $442.75 + ship


[Pistol] Canik Mete SFX black $442.75 + ship

13 reviews for [Pistol] Canik Mete SFX black $442.75 + ship

  1. guitarplayer213

    I need more magazines for these guns, it’s ridiculous how short supplied they are

  2. Einreb-Srednas

    I’ve enjoyed the Mete series the most of any Canik so far and I have…a few from which to base this. Great trigger, improved ergonomics, and keep rear sight while using an optic.

    Only being able to use sub compact optics is a draw back but i’ve used two holosuns and an RMRcc with them which i’ve come to enjoy. Solid mounting system too for the optic, compared to the earlier likes of the Elite Combat, which I’ve had optics go flying because of shear force on the screws from a heightened attachment point.

  3. M6Noah

    Posting this incase anyone was holding off until the black SFX/SFT were released. The black SFT is 404.87 and can be found [here](https://dahlonegaarmory.com/product/ci-canik-mete-sft-9mm-4.2-bbl-or-fs-1-18-1-20-mag-black#product_detail)

  4. Ryanrealestate

    What’s the mere version? Longer? Looks like and extra port then the sfx

  5. jakethompson92

    Beautiful gun and honestly I think the trigger ranks right up there with the P320 X-series trigger.

    But I think they may have shat the bed a little bit with the micro-compact optic footprint rather than an RMR cut.

  6. getoffmylastname

    What does the METE do better than a TP9?

  7. CMPrisoner

    Sorry ban state gang, I took the 1 10 round kit they had.

  8. captain_carrot

    This gun fucks like you wouldn’t believe for the price.

  9. TheChance916

    Why is the half and half FDE model $60 more?

  10. urban1alchemist

    Meaty Turkish gat go bang

  11. Limp-Quail

    Good range gun, get combat first

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  13. OklahomaHoss

    I just clicked the link and it says it’s $524.99. What’s up?

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