[PISTOL] B&T tp9 tan 30rd $1899.95

[PISTOL] B&T tp9 tan 30rd $1899.95


[PISTOL] B&T tp9 tan 30rd $1899.95

17 reviews for [PISTOL] B&T tp9 tan 30rd $1899.95

  1. codifier

    These used to be one of my top must have guns, but the price point made it wait for some other big ticket guns first. I was in Brownell’s storefront and they had them on display which got me harder than diamonds knowing once I held one I would be buying it.

    I was so wrong, it felt bulky, flimsy, and cheap. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought it a prop or airsoft copy. The pictures really don’t give a good angle on how chonky they are. I am soooooo glad I handled one before buying.

    Personal “hot ticket” list of expensive guns that have disappointed me when handling and/or shooting: TP9, UMP (USC really), Ruger 57, PS90. The only one I bought first was the USC. YMMV.

    Eta: guns in this price or less that impressed me. AUG, Kriss Vector, Benelli M4, Beretta 1301, MP5, Tavor .

  2. Garand

    Is there a legit reason these are $1.9k? They seem cool, but nothing stands out in my eye as making a pistol worth this much.

  3. BloodCrazeHunter

    Unfortunately by the time you SBR, get the stock, get the VFG, and get the proprietary suppressor to complete the package and have the whole gun as God intended it, you’ve spent like $3,500. I’d love one of these, not least of all because the TMP and MP9 were some of my favorite guns in CoD, but it’s definitely on my “when I win the lottery” list.

  4. Overpowernamerino

    Pay $100 more and get APC instead

  5. PIConnection

    Looks like a lot of their b&t guns are on sale too!

  6. Butter_crap

    Mp7 at home?

  7. GrandCowboy

    Kygunco has it priced for $1,830.99 check/cash/cod to your FFL which includes free shipping and tax included


  8. NH-Boondocks

    A lot of people here seem to be in love with B&T, is there any particular reason? People seem overly hyped for them

  9. HexaSploosh69

    So you can not buy or use the tp9 VFG unless you do the paperwork?

  10. BigTechCensorsYou

    Among the other negative comments… this gun SUCKS suppressed. Cheek slap, super gassy, runs hard.

    I had one of the DSA guns, hated mine and sold it a month after SBR. The only 9mm gun I’ve liked less is the APC9.

    B&T makes ok guns with clown prices.

  11. BenderVsGossamer

    What’s up with the front, almost vertica, Andre The Giant, hand stop being shittily blurred out?

  12. SaintBricks

    These guns fucking suck please do not waste your money on this. I work at a range and we have one and the thing feels like plastic junk and at 2k you can do so much more than buying a glorified airsoft gun

  13. riuvax

    Doesn’t the foregrip make this an aow?

  14. [deleted]


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  16. wickeddeus

    If that foregrip is legal for this pistol I wonder if you can add something like this A3 Tactical grip to something else


  17. bgovern

    Is this an SBR? I thought a vertical foregrip on a pistol was verboten by the alphabet boys?

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