[Pistol] B&T TP9-Black $1599 + Shipping

[Pistol] B&T TP9-Black $1599 + Shipping


[Pistol] B&T TP9-Black $1599 + Shipping

12 reviews for [Pistol] B&T TP9-Black $1599 + Shipping

  1. Adventurousjawa

    I was literally just thinking about picking up a GHM9. How do these compare?

  2. dlh4x4

    $1984 ?

  3. WhyInTheHellNot

    Description seems to say it includes the aimpoint, what are the odds that’s accurate for this price?

  4. Jsatx2

    These consistently get absolutely shit reviews. They are cool but not a single person I know who’s actually shot one recommends it. If I saw one for $999 I’d do it. Ain’t worth a penny over.

  5. SquareHoleRoundPlug

    What are the chances this is not considered a vertical foregrip and instead considered an angled foregrip? Would love to design and print one for a mac11 pistol.

  6. BobTheBrasshopper

    GHM9 gen 2 FTW

  7. flaccidkac

    Is this BIN?

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  9. GrandCowboy

    Cheapest shipping was like $65

  10. gkjhgkjh

    I wish there’s ghm9 sub 1k

  11. chrisdetrin

    Wish I had the cash laying around fml

  12. VastDull7589

    I would grab one if it was alpine gree and could host trilug

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