[Pistol] BT-15 pistol, black, m-loc $2400 shipped

[Pistol] BT-15 pistol, black, m-loc $2400 shipped


[Pistol] BT-15 pistol, black, m-loc $2400 shipped

13 reviews for [Pistol] BT-15 pistol, black, m-loc $2400 shipped

  1. Puzzleheaded_Ad8317

    This or the HK for 8K yesterday?

  2. TrinityArsenal

    Coupon Code BT15

  3. zefpomp

    Do these have an ambi bolt?, and does it lock the bolt back?

  4. apocalypserisin

    Are the barrels chrome lined, or similar to the usa hk barrels?

  5. GFZDW

    The description mentions keymod a few times, but the photo looks like MLOK.

  6. thismyotheraccount2

    Anyone got any other codes? There’s a mini fix that if I could take 50% off I’d consider 🤡

  7. GetWayned

    Obligatory, somebody explain the price of this? I’ve never heard of B&T and is it supposed to be an HK clone? This feels priced all wrong. Go to B&T’s website and this isn’t even on their roster. I thought HKs were only expensive because or scarcity. Why should this cost as much as a top tier premium AR? Genuinely curious

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  11. Limp-Section8328

    I picked up one of these. I can tell you that my MR556A1 is going up for sale. It’s sbr ready or you can slap a brace on it and have a blast, it’s very well built. Still a bit on the heavy side but lighter than the full length MR556A1. Plus it’s as close to a 416 as you can get for a reasonable price.

  12. YourBoyHoudini

    FML… I hate this sub. 😂 Been waiting for the MLOK version to show up.

  13. prmoore11

    Straight mag tho 🤔

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