[PISTOL] -BERETTA M9A4 – $1050 shipped

[PISTOL] -BERETTA M9A4 – $1050 shipped


[PISTOL] -BERETTA M9A4 – $1050 shipped

20 reviews for [PISTOL] -BERETTA M9A4 – $1050 shipped

  1. EverybodyBetrayMe

    There have been a couple of posts of these in the last few weeks at ~$899. Not a deal at this price.

  2. GunHappyMan

    This ain’t it chief

  3. FredmyLeg

    No deal

  4. OfficialHavik

    Hell no

  5. Goldemar

    Does the dot mount really high on this? Should I just go with a langdon?

  6. Bobsaid

    All I can say is wow. I want one but in the past month I’ve got a Striborg, M3K, YHK R9, and more. I don’t have the cash right now. 🙁


    Price is not an ideal BIN price but this dealer sounds like a good guy. It looks like they do their part in supporting 2A rights. Hope you aren’t too dissuaded by the negative comments and are able to continue expanding and developing!

  8. PandaCatGunner

    I’ll Upvote because this dealer seems like a nice couple, people are stingy here, lots of vendors can’t get ultra low prices, or add fees, or are losing out on certain prices. This is also $50 BELOW MSRP Out the door.

  9. Mahindra-Arms

    Thank you for your support. We are a husband wife team running a small business that focuses on high-end and reliable firearms that we personally stand behind Our prices are out-of-the-door prices which include shipping and taxes. Our last 2 posts on [gun.deals](https://gun.deals) showed us a lot of love and are helping us support our 2A rights. We also have a sale on a few other Berettas RDOs so please check it out. Thanks for all the love <3

  10. EnzoGorlami42



    here’s one for $999.99 bois

  11. Snappyatom

    how quick would these ship out?

  12. ThunderousBandit

    Gotta say not a deal but these are the best pics of the finish I’ve seen so far. Looks just like the a3.

    That’s bad for my wallet.

  13. Its_Suntory_Time

    Why is this worth twice as much as an A1?

  14. tiffanyhascrabs


  15. Deathdealerah

    Locally I will sometimes support FFLs that are small business / friendly staff over the big box places with better deals. The angle of emphasizing customer relations when marking to an online platform is kind of a moot point though. You’re not going to get to know any of us that are placing an online order. Hate to say it but it pretty much boils down to price when you’re buying stuff online.

  16. ZM_USMC

    You guys are being hard on OP but he’s not wrong. This is a decent price with shipping/tax included.

  17. chieffin-it

    Mhmmm love peanut butter wish I had some extra cash

  18. VeraTachikaze

    Dear Beretta,

    Please make me one (1) PX4 Storm Special Duty .45 ACP.

    Vera T.

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  20. ThrownAwayByTheAF

    Wait, is this not chrome lined like the A3? I can’t see it.

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