[Pistol] Beretta 92X RDO FR and GR full-size handguns 18 RDs – $699.99

[Pistol] Beretta 92X RDO FR and GR full-size handguns 18 RDs – $699.99


[Pistol] Beretta 92X RDO FR and GR full-size handguns 18 RDs – $699.99

12 reviews for [Pistol] Beretta 92X RDO FR and GR full-size handguns 18 RDs – $699.99

  1. StuxnetKaos

    This or wait for the black M9A4?

  2. Mahindra-Arms

    Thank you for letting us post this week’s deal. We have a limited quantity of Beretta 92X full-size 18 RD RDO handguns in FR and GR configurations.

    We are a small business run by a couple who love guns and our customers. Our prices are all-in out of the door with no hidden fees or sales taxes (unless you live in the great state of FL)

    Thank you for all your love in the first post. This is our second time posting and we are excited.

  3. Mahindra-Arms

    Yay! We sold our first one thanks to all your love! Thank you and lots of love to you Reddit!

  4. akathedevil666


  5. Right-Contribution-8

    These are going for between 600 and 625 from multiple vendors right now. Some with free shipping and some with no tax.

  6. tepextate

    Hey guys, will you be getting a Glock 20 in stock anytime? I see you have the 40!


    Also, can you (or someone) explain to me how LE firearms work? I’m super interested in the SIG SAUER P229 LEGION RXP SAO LE but see that it can only be sold to LEOs, which I am not.

  7. AluminumFoyle

    Any chance yall may be getting Mossberg 590a1 XS with the ghost ring sights in?

  8. whiskey_outpost26

    This is a great gun. That being said, I’d sell my FS in a heartbeat if they ever released a 96 in this configuration

  9. NotEvenALittleBiased

    Anyone gotta find on the compact version of these?

  10. Double0dude

    Any chance of getting any Mossbergs in .223?

  11. PoliticalAccount01

    Kind of looks like a modern Tokarev.

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