[Pistol] Beretta 92X PERFORMANCE 15rd $1229

[Pistol] Beretta 92X PERFORMANCE 15rd $1229


[Pistol] Beretta 92X PERFORMANCE 15rd $1229

14 reviews for [Pistol] Beretta 92X PERFORMANCE 15rd $1229

  1. iredditshere

    LTT 92x Performance – $1475 all day!

  2. jgisbo007

    F. Bought this for 1500 a couple months ago.

  3. Rymesayer

    I couldn’t fathom why anyone wouldn’t get a CZ over this gun at this price.

    That being said, this gun is sexy af

  4. inventurous

    How does this rank in the Beretta 92 hierarchy? I have a 92FS and M9A3 but every time I see a stainless Beretta my shorts grow tight.

  5. B600

    Looks amazing but the 92x rdo just came out and has the vertec frame , front serrations and is optics ready for $650-700


    Jesus Christ another pimp gun I didn’t know I needed.

  7. Go_For_Broke442

    tempting, but tbh waiting for an optics ready 92x performance to get released.

  8. Doom-Trooper

    Beautiful gun! A damn shame they etch the shitty fires without magazine and read the manual on it. Like who the fuck buys a 1300 gun without knowing how to damn well use the thing.

  9. joseph-1998-XO

    I want but OOS

  10. Away-Perspective-81

    Would look even better without the forward serrations.

  11. Apolopolo99

    I can’t be the only who thinks this is stupid, ugly, and horribly overpriced. Fully expecting to get downvoted into oblivion

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  13. Phizzle_91

    How is this one better than an M9A3?

  14. esajz24

    Oh baby, great gun in many ways.

    They should have used the Vertec slide and ditched the weird downward beaver tail, though.

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