[Pistol] Arsenal SAM7K 7.62×39 Pistol No Tax Free Shipping to GA – $1500

[Pistol] Arsenal SAM7K 7.62×39 Pistol No Tax Free Shipping to GA – $1500


[Pistol] Arsenal SAM7K 7.62×39 Pistol No Tax Free Shipping to GA – $1500

12 reviews for [Pistol] Arsenal SAM7K 7.62×39 Pistol No Tax Free Shipping to GA – $1500

  1. Jstentson

    This is the 34 not 44. Just FYI for people. No picatinny rail in the back

  2. perfektad

    208 and Norma are my bffs

  3. soccerhooligan1

    208 has been killing it with their prices on what’s in stock. Free shipping and no tax is killer these days.

  4. StonksAndGuns

    Seems like they have some decent stuff in stock with good prices. They have a Mark 23 at $2K that caught my eye – no tax is clutch here.

  5. Fancy_Square3596

    This is a very good deal. Some distributors I work with are selling this to dealers for $168 more than 208 selling it on the street for. Slammin price.

  6. JDShadow

    I have the one with the different muzzle device. Not sure if older model or what but things been amazing. Paid $900 last summer. Triangle folding brace and it makes a great range toy.

  7. Minimum_Government

    Great gun. Make sure to get a KNS piston. There are other dust covers you can use to shift around where the rear irons are.

  8. igoor_00

    Got mine for like 1k

  9. Mervin-Blein


  10. StonksAndGuns


  11. visionsJohanna

    This or the Galil gen 2?

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