[Pistol] Arex Delta L Gen 2 Optic Ready 9mm 4.5″ 19+1 – $409.99

[Pistol] Arex Delta L Gen 2 Optic Ready 9mm 4.5″ 19+1 – $409.99


[Pistol] Arex Delta L Gen 2 Optic Ready 9mm 4.5″ 19+1 – $409.99

8 reviews for [Pistol] Arex Delta L Gen 2 Optic Ready 9mm 4.5″ 19+1 – $409.99

  1. hawktac

    Gray and coyote versions at [Gunprime](https://gunprime.com/products/?keywords=arex+delta&search%5Bcondition%5D=&search%5Bavailability%5D=&search%5Bprice_between%5D%5B%5D=&search%5Bprice_between%5D%5B%5D=) for $349 + $19 shipping

    Also coyote and gray compacts (non optic) for the same price.

  2. asianmaddmess

    Great gun, nice and slim, much more so than a G19 or my M&P M2.0

    This (with a 507C and X300) is my current nightstand gun

  3. joe_sun

    I want to buy an M, it seems like such a great carry gun.. G48 sized but G19 capacity with optics cut and rail and at a fantastic price.. holsters seem to be an issue and I’ve seen a bunch of YT vids where they seem to have rando malfunctions which doesn’t inspire confidence but others swear they are 100% out of the box. In one of the videos the chongus of a LCI seems to have induced a malfunction as the expended brass got stuck on it during ejection.

  4. Sneaky-Beaky-Ninja

    Kinda wish they offered a model with a safety, strange that they have the cut but don’t use it

  5. THOTvaccine69

    Penis chopper lmao

  6. TheCr4zyM4n

    I got one as a fun range beater/red dot introduction pistol.

    They’re great shooters, magazines at the time were cheap ($25 for the 19rd), thin in a good way, it loves 124gr ammo.

    Two things to note. 1st is if the trigger is stiff to the point of uncomfortable, get a 4/4.5lbs Glock striker spring. It fits perfectly, doesn’t hurt function and makes the trigger night and day better.

    2nd ejection can be a little weird, I’ve had multiple rounds bounce off my red dot and others throw out 8+ yards perfectly to 3 oclock. Never found out why, but out of 1500 rounds only had one FTE/Stovepipe.

    In the defense of the pistol for that malfunction, I’ve not been nice to it. I went about 800rds in dirt/heavy dust, rain, etc over a couple months with no cleaning before it happened. Why do I abuse my guns? Because I have a sick interest in pushing things to points of failure, it’s just a thing I enjoy doing.


    Has anyone actually shot these before, what’s the skinny?

  8. Independent_Duck5975

    Probably snag one of these to leave in my car. Like their loaded chamber indicator thingy majig.

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